The Ultimate Keyword Optimization Guide for Search Engine Positioning

Written by David Gikandi

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(b) ( - See whatrepparttar top 100 search terms worldwide were. Remember that it is not advisable to use terms that are not related to your web site's content, but this service can still prove useful.

(c) SearchSpy ( - SearchSpy is a database of search terms captured fromrepparttar 128071 top search engines. Use this to find even more words and phrases for your list.

Now that you are armed with your big list, what you do with it next is what will get you allrepparttar 128072 traffic you need. The next process is long and complicated if done manually, but there are ways of making this automatic, easy, and fast, saving yourepparttar 128073 agony of doing it yourself. This article is too short forrepparttar 128074 technical details on search engine optimization techniques, so I will just give you a quick explanation and a link to where you can get all this done for you automatically and easily.

Basically, there are 8 major search engines today - AltaVista, Excite, Infoseek, Lycos, HotBot, AOL Netfind, WebCrawler, and Northern Light. Yahoo is a directory so this technique will not work with it. What you need to do is figure out what kind of pages rank well with each of these engines. Search engines use a mathematical formula to rank allrepparttar 128075 pages in their index. It is hard, but not impossible to come really close to knowing exactly what kind of a page will rank well on a particular engine. Basically,repparttar 128076 text statistics on a page are what are considered most byrepparttar 128077 engine's ranking formulas. Now, for each keyword or phrase on your list, you need to create a web page that focuses on just that one keyword or phrase and ranks it highly on a particular engine. Because each engine ranks pages differently, you will need to create a different page optimized for each engine.

Stop and think about this strategy for a second. You have a list of virtually every phrase that someone interested in your products and other related products can ever use in a search. Then, you have pages that make sure they rank highly for all those searches. No matter what people search for that has any relation to your products, they will find you even if they had not thought of finding you! Do you now see how much qualified traffic you can get? It is amazing!

The only set back isrepparttar 128078 amount of work you would have to put into figuring out what kind of text statistics on a page will rank it well on an engine, then creating these optimized pages for your entire list of keywords for each major engine. That means creating about 300 or more finely tuned web pages! But do not worry! As long as you have compiled your list of keywords and phrases, there is an online service that will automatically createrepparttar 128079 optimized pages for you in a couple of minutes. ( uses a set of online scripts to cleverly generate web pages optimized forrepparttar 128080 major search engines. All you need to do is give it your list of keywords and phrases, a short piece of text describing your site or business or products, and your email address (the pages are emailed to you as attached HTML files). To my knowledge, this isrepparttar 128081 only service onrepparttar 128082 web that works in this way.

Once you have your pages, upload them to your web server and either submit them torepparttar 128083 engines if they aren't too many, or haverepparttar 128084 engines crawl over them and index them by only submitting a page that links to all of them. That's it! Now simply step back and watch your traffic skyrocket!

Granted, there are many other ways that people use to find new sites, such as following links on other sites, reading about sites on magazine, hearing from friends, etc. But no matter what other methods they use, they almost always use them in addition to usingrepparttar 128085 search engines, especially when actively trying to locate new information. By knowing how to userepparttar 128086 search engines to your advantage, you will become an empowered Internet marketer. No other method of marketing is so powerful, effective, and affordable (virtually free)!

David Gikandi

Smart Goto Gambits

Written by John Gergye

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==> GoTo Gambit #4

Make every click count. If a visitor doesn't buy, do you use a pop-up box to ask them to sign-up for your ezine or a mini course as a fallback? You would at least get something out ofrepparttar click.

==> GoTo Gambit #5

I assume you know which keywords send yourepparttar 128070 most traffic? Guard those puppies like a junk yard dog! Don't know how? Piece of cake with this next FREE tool. It shows you where you can save money by keeping you on top of bid gaps. That is, where you can lower your bid and still not lose your position. I mean, why over bid it you don't have to?

Or you can pay to automate this task using PPCBidTracker or Keyword Bid Optimizer (KBO). Pricing may favor KBO. Especially with multiple domains.

==> GoTo Gambit #6

Ever consider optimizing your site for GoTo's default search engine, Inktomi? You might want to. That way, if a search term at doesn't have enough (or any) bids, it pulls in results from Inktomi. Top positions there could mean free traffic from GoTo. Don't know much about Inktomi? No problem. Get help at this forum:

==> GoTo Gambit #7

Finally, while not really a gambit, a FREE piece of software I can't live without since GoTo's suggestion tool is down too much, is Good Keywords. It works great and is a big help in gettingrepparttar 128071 most fromrepparttar 128072 PPCs.

Hopefully these suggestions will save you time and/or money. And makerepparttar 128073 pain ofrepparttar 128074 recent pricing decrees at easier to swallow.

John Gergye. Is Your eBook as Silent as a Mime? Well, Make It Talk! Digital publisher John Gergye has more ideas like these, as well as a clever way to make your eBook stand out from the crowd! Find out how at

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