The Ultimate Free Google Ranking Tool

Written by Torgeir Sunnarvik

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Then onrepparttar next page you can see a detailed report on keywords that are found on your site. You can see their numbers and density. It showsrepparttar 139555 number of 2 Word Phrases and 3 Word Phrases.

Step 2 Create Position Report

Now torepparttar 139556 cool part of this tool. When you hit this button,repparttar 139557 tool will search Google forrepparttar 139558 keywords and keyword phrases that it have gathered from your site. After a few seconds it shows your position for each of them. So now you don't have to wonder if your site is listed in Google.

But as I said,the first months you shouldn't be worried if you don't find your site under any keyword at all. Google use a lot of time to index new websites. I have found that MSN are a lot faster to show my pages underrepparttar 139559 keyword that I want.

I hope you'll find this tool as useful as I have.

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RSS can keep you in the loop

Written by Allan Burns

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More and more sites are now providing RSS feeds ofrepparttar information from there sites. All you need to do is subscribe to that feed, its that simple. Once you are subscribed any new updates from that site will be collected for you by your RSS reader, all you have to do is read it. If you use an online reader such as Bloglines then you don't even have to wait untilrepparttar 139287 RSS feeds have been downloaded as Bloglines does all ofrepparttar 139288 downloading for you. All you need to do is log into your account.

Imagine how much time you will have saved. No more will you have to visit a website only to find that nothing has been updated. Imagine not having to trawl through large sites trying to findrepparttar 139289 latest information. RSS can save you a serious amount of time that I am sure you would rather be spending developing content for your own site.

Allan is the webmaster at Newsniche, an RSS resource for webmasters.

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