The Ugly Truth About Your Job!

Written by Oscar Bruce

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Security is no longer inrepparttar job, company, or industry. The only transferable skill is your ability to express yourself persuasively and convincingly. These skills never become obsolete. Research studies prove that a strong command ofrepparttar 107918 English Language is directly linked to your career advancement, your earnings, and also social success. The same studies show that in hard times those laid off first tend to be those with poor communications skills.

Michael Leaven, in his book, Guerrilla P.R., tells us thatrepparttar 107919 ability to use language persuasively is arguablyrepparttar 107920 most important attribute for success. FUTURIST Rolf Jensen, director ofrepparttar 107921 Copenhagen Institute for Future Studies, says, "We are inrepparttar 107922 twilight of a society based on personal communication skills. Companies will recruit people based on how they express their ideas."

Oscar Bruce, in his book, WINNING WORDS WINNING WAYS, asserts: "With a strong command of language you will go farther and get ahead faster".

Give Yourself The Edge: Stackrepparttar 107923 deck in your favor professionally and socially. Give your conversation an upgrade.

+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Oscar Bruce's books are consideredrepparttar 107924 ultimate field manuals for managing conversations with power and persuasion. His website offers verbal strategies that will add power to your persuasion. His free newsletter is also available atrepparttar 107925 website.


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Oscar Bruce's books are considered the ultimate field manuals for managing conversations with power and persuasion. His website offers verbal strategies that will add power to your persuasion. His free newsletter is also available at the website.

Canadian Music Week, Billboard Music & Money, Jazz Appreciation Month, Spotlight March Calendar for Show Business Events

Written by Actorschecklist

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Live Music Conference at Kensington London is "by invitation only", and seeks to bring together key figures involved inrepparttar presentation of live entertainment aroundrepparttar 107917 globe for meetings on March 11-13. TV Land Awards Will be taped on Sunday, March 13 atrepparttar 107918 Barker Hangar in Santa Monica, and air on TV Land and Nick at Nite on Wednesday, March 16. A Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony is set for March 14 atrepparttar 107919 Waldorf-Astoria Hotel in New York City. IRMA's 35th Annual Recording Media Forum addresses need-to-know issues for content owners and their replicating/duplicating business partners in its sessions March 14-16 in Palm Springs. Followingrepparttar 107920 25th Annual Tejano Music Awards will berepparttar 107921 "Official After Awards Party" atrepparttar 107922 Kickapoo Lucky Eagle Casino March 19 in Eagle Pass. NAACP Image Awards will be taped for broadcast overrepparttar 107923 FOX Network on March 19 in Universal Amphitheater, Universal City. Pool parties, artist showcasing in Miami nightspots, intense networking, underscorerepparttar 107924 Miami Winter Music Conference focused onrepparttar 107925 dance music industry, from March 22-26. Writers Guild of America/West hosts a "Writers on Writing" session March 23 in Los Angeles. At an Entertainment Industry Business Council session, March 24 in Los Angeles, a panel of Hollywood experts discuss how soundtracks are becoming a huge revenue source for record labels. JAM: Jazz Appreciation Month has a kick-off event atrepparttar 107926 Smithsonion Institution Jazz Café, March 28, in Washington, DC.

Many of events above have a submission process for indie and/or performing artists to take part in. Complete details are onrepparttar 107927 "Media, Entertainment and Performing Arts Industry News and Events" page at

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