The U.S. Dependence on Foreign Oil

Written by Andrea Susan Glass

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Allrepparttar oil beneathrepparttar 102767 surface ofrepparttar 102768 earth formed in more than 200 million years, yet in 200 years half of it has been consumed. At that rate, remaining oil resources would be depleted in 40 years. We would still have other fossil fuels like coal, shale oil, tar sands and natural gas. Currently, many of these energy resources are too costly to use, and their conversion to transportation fuels for use in alternative energy vehicles would produce harm torepparttar 102769 environment. Investigation is ongoing to find new fuels to develop economically and without environmental damage.

Ultimately,repparttar 102770 solution to our dependence on oil lies in our technological progress in developing alternative energy vehicles that are more environmentally friendly and use energy more efficiently. Research continues to find or create new energy sources to replace petroleum cleanly and inexpensively. As people embrace hybrid cars and other alternative fuel vehicles by asking for and purchasing them, automakers will be encouraged to produce more energy efficient, clean cars and to continue their technical advancements.

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How to buy a used Car at 90% savings off the book value

Written by Steve Li

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