The Truth about MLM

Written by Lynne Schulze

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It`s a distribution business with a simple concept; people working TOGETHER to help each other achieve mutal financial prosperity.

People ARE making money with this system. YOU can too, with some persistance, enthusiasm andrepparttar right people and tools, YOU WILL WIN

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Mind your business

Written by Michael S. Martinez

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2) Getrepparttar picture: Once you commit to your goal, take time daily to mentally rehearse your success in advance. Get a clear picture. See yourself as already having accomplished your goal in minute detail. First sit or lay down and relax your body for five or ten minutes. Relaxation is important because it opensrepparttar 122510 channels torepparttar 122511 subconscious. Once you’ve entered into deep relaxation, play a movie of yourself as having already achieved your goal. Incorporate as many ofrepparttar 122512 five senses as possible. Find a way to see, hear, smell, taste and touch while running your movie. Practice this twice daily, first thing inrepparttar 122513 morning and last thing at night.

3) Emotionalize your goal: The fastest most powerful system for mental programming is to add intense emotions to your visualization. A simple way to achieve this is to use music as an anchor. Have you ever heard a song that brings memories to mind? Have you ever listened torepparttar 122514 words of a song and felt inspired? Music has an amazing power to create emotions within us. In fact, music also stimulatesrepparttar 122515 creation of pictures in your mind. This isrepparttar 122516 perfect prescription for subconscious programming. Anytime you can relax, create a mental movie and feel intense emotions, you are taking control ofrepparttar 122517 subconscious. If you are serious about achieving your goals find a few songs that inspire you, songs that create intense emotions within you. Next, make yourself a daily routine to listen and visualize. Treat yourself to a better future by taking five to ten minutes every day to simply relax, listen and see. This is one ofrepparttar 122518 most enjoyable ways to program your mind for success.

4) Snap out of it: A years worth of mental programming can be nullified by a few minutes of doubt. Doubt, insecurity, or negative thinking will destroy your success. You must condition yourself to act first on doubt before it inflicts it’s damage. Avoid doubt as ifrepparttar 122519 life of your dreams depended on it. Take charge and destroy doubt. An excellent way to do this is by placing a rubber band around your wrist and giving yourself a snap if any thoughts enter your mind that are contrary torepparttar 122520 achievement of your goals. This not only reminds you to maintain a positive mental attitude, it also inflicts just enough pain to get your mind offrepparttar 122521 thought immediately. A good practice is to replacerepparttar 122522 negative with a positive thought. Whenever you snaprepparttar 122523 band, immediately focus on your future success. The key here is to conditionrepparttar 122524 mind to focus on success instead of doubt.

By continuing to practice these techniques faithfully your subconscious mind will begin to take your images as commands. Your belief will grow daily. Things will start falling in place. The people and situations you need to achieve your goals will begin to appear in your life. Solutions to problems will magically appear into your mind atrepparttar 122525 most unexpected times and places. Your struggle for success will end.

Remember thatrepparttar 122526 keys to your success are not to be found inrepparttar 122527 next business fad. The keys that will unlockrepparttar 122528 treasures are held within your mind. You must first see it in your mind’s eye before you can see it in reality. Commit yourself to this principle and you will create miracles in your life.

Mr. Martinez isrepparttar 122529 creator ofrepparttar 122530 “Mind Mastery Course”. Mr. Martinez writes and lectures onrepparttar 122531 unlimited potential ofrepparttar 122532 mind. For more information visit

Mr. Martinez is an avid writer, lecturer, and author of the highly acclaimed "Mind Mastery Course."

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