The Truth about Building a Business on the 'Net

Written by Angela Wu

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That being said, there are lots of advantages for doing business onrepparttar Internet! It truly offers one ofrepparttar 117699 best opportunities forrepparttar 117700 'average' person to test their entrepreneurial spirit. Some ofrepparttar 117701 advantages of being an online business owner are:

+ Affordable startup costs. You can get started with just a few hundred bucks.

+ Flexible. Because your work is done on your computer and from home, you get to choose when you work.

+ Possibility of more free time -- eventually. Some online businesses can be automated to a certain extent. Automation will help to reduce your workload and eventually give you more free time. + Testing and research are relatively cheap. Need to find out what your potential audience thinks of a product idea? Chances are, there's a message board (or a hundred) where your potential audience gathers. Need to research your competition? Userepparttar 117702 search engines. There's so much you can do online for little or no money.

+ Exciting! If you thrive on change,repparttar 117703 Internet is one ofrepparttar 117704 best places to get it! You can experiment and test to your heart's content for minimal cost.

+ Ever-growing. Every day more people get 'connected' torepparttar 117705 'net. That means that your potential audience is always growing.

+ Multiple streams of income. You haverepparttar 117706 ability to sell lots of different products online -- including other company's products, in return for a commission -- which means that you can potentially earn several 'pay cheques'! A bunch of 'smaller' cheques may not seem like much on their own, but add them all up and they can become a solid stream of income.

+ Opportunity is everywhere! The Internet reaches a worldwide audience with a wide variety of interests. There are countless niches on which you can focus your energies!

Some people turn a profit within just a few months; others take years. There are lots of 'little guys' -- small, home based businesses -- who are happily and successfully earning a living fromrepparttar 117707 Internet. Will you berepparttar 117708 next?


Angela is the editor of Online Business Basics, a practical guide that shows eBusiness beginners how to build an online business on a shoestring budget. Visit her online at or request a series of 10 free reports to get you started: .

Organizing Your Incoming Email

Written by Janet L. Hall

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After you click on one ofrepparttar Actions, you are presented with a Rule Description, with underlined values, which you will click on to apply values.

The last step would be to assign a name torepparttar 117698 rule you just created and then click OK.

As you can see fromrepparttar 117699 above choices, there are MANY things you can do to organize your incoming email.

Let's do one together, don't worry, you can always change this later.

Exercise: Let's say you want your OverHall IT! issue to stand out from repparttar 117700 rest of your emails when it is delivered, you know you don't want to miss a single issue so you have decided to COLOR CODE this incoming email.

>>Open Outlook Express >>Click on TOOLS atrepparttar 117701 top of your screen >>Move your Pointer to Message Rules; sliderepparttar 117702 Pointer over to Mail and Click >>Click New >>Inrepparttar 117703 Conditions, Click inrepparttar 117704 box: Whererepparttar 117705 From Line Contains people. You should now have a check mark in that box >>Inrepparttar 117706 Actions, Click inrepparttar 117707 box: Highlight with color. You should now have a check mark in that box

Did you notice each time you clicked on a box a value popped up inrepparttar 117708 Rule Description area with your chosen Conditions and Actions underlined? This is where you enterrepparttar 117709 values you want to apply. Now we are going to go there and work:

>> Click onrepparttar 117710 underlined condition CONTAINS PEOPLE >>Here you would type in OR you can choose someone from you address book >>Click ADD >>Click OK >>Now, back atrepparttar 117711 Rule Description, Click onrepparttar 117712 underlined action COLOR >>Inrepparttar 117713 Select Color Box click onrepparttar 117714 little black down arrow to view and select your color choices >>Select red >>Click OK

The last step is to assignrepparttar 117715 rule a name, although you may leaverepparttar 117716 default name already provided.

>>Type in OverHall IT! newsletter >>Click OK >>Click OK or continue creating other new message rules for your other incoming email

I hope you explore this wonderful way to organize your email and have fun!

Outlook and most other email programs also provide message rules, althoughrepparttar 117717 steps and wording might be somewhat different. Just check outrepparttar 117718 help section for steps you'll need to take in your email program. ~~~~ The Organizing Wizard, Janet L. Hall, is a Professional Organizer, Speaker, and Author. She isrepparttar 117719 owner of OverHall Consulting, and Organizing By Phone. Subscribe to her FREE organizing newsletter at or visit her web site at

Copyright 2001 by OverHall Consulting P.O. Box 263, Port Republic, MD 20676 All Rights Reserved. Permission is granted to reproduce, copy, or distribute so long as article is kept intact, this copyright notice and full information about contactingrepparttar 117720 author is attached.

The Organizing Wizard, Janet L. Hall, is a Professional Organizer, Speaker, and Author. She is the owner of OverHall Consulting, and Organizing By Phone. Subscribe to her FREE organizing newsletter at or visit her web site at

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