The Truth Behind Having Children

Written by Dr. Randy Wysong

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6.The more you do for your children when they are older,repparttar more you impede their own independent progress. Love is turning them loose, not providing for their every need. Life is a series of lessons from experiencing failures and successes. Parents who insist on providing for every need thwart a child’s development and rob them of life itself. Failure, pain and mistakes are success if we let children experience it and learn from it.

7.Children grow faster than we can keep up. Aboutrepparttar 149599 time we come to understand and adjust to a particular stage in their life, they have moved on. You will always be behind, thinking of them in terms of a previous molt. If we do not adjust and respect their new mature stage, but keep them in our mind where they are no longer, they will move on to friends who see them for who they really are.

8.Each child brought into this already overpopulated world places an enormous burden onrepparttar 149600 carrying capacity ofrepparttar 149601 earth. The earth is finite. Reproduction is infinite…until there is environmental collapse.

9.Worrying about teenage hormone-driven kids-- who might do what you did when you were that age-- is hell.

With all that said, there will never be another time in life when you feel so important and are so needed as when you are raising your family. There is also no equal affinity you can have for another than that for your child. Watchingrepparttar 149602 development of children, when all things inrepparttar 149603 world are fresh and new to them, is like reliving these discoveries and joys yourself.

But do not be deceived into thinking it lasts. It not only doesn’t, it passes so quickly you will be aghast. It is also cruel in that, although you are a constant to your child, they are an evolving creature with a series of deaths and rebirths through their various stages. You will long forrepparttar 149604 soft tender feel of their infant bodies, their sweet milky breath, their cute antics and clumsy verbiage, their first steps, their fears that only you can allay, andrepparttar 149605 awakening of their intellect. All these marvelous things pass quickly, ultimately leaving you withrepparttar 149606 empty nest syndrome and to mourn each stage of their childhood that is gone forever.

Several children later, these arerepparttar 149607 lessons I have learned. Would I like to experience rearing them all again? Yes, in a heartbeat. Did I do everything as well or as intelligently as I now perhaps could and am telling you to? No.

Such is life.

Dr. Wysong is author of seven books on health, nutrition, philosophy and origin of life. He is director of the non-profit Wysong Instute and author of the Wysong e-Health Newsletter (free on-line) now in its 18th year of continuous publication. He may be contacted at and a free subscription to his e-Health Letter is available at

A Fun Day at the Zoo

Written by Susanne Myers

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You can also talk aboutrepparttar animal’s particular habitat and how it was recreated inrepparttar 149490 zoo. You can look atrepparttar 149491 chimpanzee exhibit with your child and compare it torepparttar 149492 forests in Africa that they originally came from. Didrepparttar 149493 zoo provide plenty of opportunities forrepparttar 149494 chimpanzees to climb?

Don’t forget to talk aboutrepparttar 149495 classification ofrepparttar 149496 animals as well. You can ask a younger child whether a particular animal is a fish, a bird or a mammal and go into a little more detail with an older child. You’ll be surprised how much they have picked up in science class in school and will be more than happy to share with you.

After you get home fromrepparttar 149497 zoo, encourage your children to talk aboutrepparttar 149498 trip, look up information online about their favorite animals, or to answer any additional questions they may have. Ask your preschooler to draw you a picture of their favorite animal.

Readrepparttar 149499 following child product reviews related torepparttar 149500 zoo that will let your child reliverepparttar 149501 day atrepparttar 149502 zoo at home.

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Little People Zoo

Zoo Story Pop-up Book

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