The Truth About Why People Search!

Written by Chet Childers

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† At some point,repparttar motive for your search changed from informational to emotional.† Why did you look for a PDA to begin with?† Oh, you are stressed.† Your daily life is chaotic!† You have a time management and organizational problem and you perceive a personal digital assistant may solve it.† Emotional elements were underrepparttar 128239 surface of your search all along! † Very simply, two things can happen in a search engine search.† The search initiates as a fact-finding task and at some pointrepparttar 128240 factual search transcends to an emotional level.† Or,repparttar 128241 search commences to fulfill an emotional desire or to solve a problem causing emotional discomfort.† The more emotionally involved a person becomes,repparttar 128242 more likely he or she is to respond or act by convertingrepparttar 128243 search intorepparttar 128244 acquisition of a product or service. † As a smart Internet or pay-per-click marketer, you should apply this insight to reach your target audience.† Consequently, you capture your target market by satisfying emotional needs or solving emotional problems.† You begin by utilizing targeted keywords and targeted ad text.† Consider whatrepparttar 128245 following words or word pairs denote:† learn, tip, help, solution, idea, how to, how would, discover.† They express an ability to identify and solve a problem.† † Letís now take a moment to summarizerepparttar 128246 first secret or fact of Internet and pay-per-click marketing: † You must understand that people who "search and convert" are emotionally driven to satisfy a need or solve a problem and you must target your keywords and ad text with emotional content to motivate action. † Letís confess this lesson may seem as basic as Marketing 101.† However, many savvy business owners miss what may not be as obvious as one would think.† Take a look at some ads on Overture or Google AdWords.† Youíll be surprised to learn how many misinformed advertisers are wasting money!

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Unfolding the Alexa Mystery!

Written by Bill Vannot

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The question to ask yourself is this:

Why worry about having a low Alexa rating if you're not making any sales? There are positives torepparttar Alexa service so it can be worth your time to installrepparttar 128238 toolbar. The toolbar gives an idea of how busy and popular a website is. This can be helpful when deciding on e-purchases.

Don't fully depend on Alexa as a measuring stick of how well your website is doing. Watch traffic numbers and sales conversion rates. Build your e-business for sales. Go ahead and take a look at Alexa. You just might decide to installrepparttar 128239 toolbar:


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