The Truth About Telecom "Outsourcing"

Written by Karen Thatcher

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*You have multiple field locations within your company and you lack a comprehensive and uniform system to pay bills on time and to deal with moves/adds/changes effectively; *You are paying a full-time salary and benefits to one or more individuals to handle bill paying duties; *You need an experienced outsourcing firm to not only pay bills but to implement a system of routine auditing to maximize savings and reduce waste.

3. Cost-Reduction and Auditing

Before outsourcing telemanagement or bill management duties, it is first advisable (although not absolutely necessary) to conduct a thorough audit of your telecom department.

A cost-reduction study will help you maximize savings before systems are put into place for paying and/or maintaining your bills. Chances are thatrepparttar savings found when conducting a cost-reduction survey first will pay for subseqent outsourcing many times over.

You should consider a cost-reduction audit if:

*You need a comprehensive study and inventory completed to help you determinerepparttar 150262 "baseline" of all your company's telecom needs - and you need help in identifying exactly where savings and waste can be eliminated ; *You have experienced or been concerned with any ofrepparttar 150263 following items appearing on your bills inrepparttar 150264 past: billing errors, fraud and abuse, unneeded/unused features, overprovisioning of lines, cost-effective local service plans, and/or correct long-distance assignment; *You lackrepparttar 150265 time,repparttar 150266 manpower and/orrepparttar 150267 proprietary knowledge to conduct a thorough audit in-house

4. Telecom Training

If you are fully staffed to handlerepparttar 150268 above outsourcing tasks within your company, outsourcing basic and/or advanced training may be in order.

The telecommunications industry is in a constant state of change. Comprehensive training will keep your staff sharp and current to handle these changes.

Telecom training can be customized and on location or can be acquired in a variety of 1-2 day seminars conducted by experienced and reputable training companies. (CCMI is a terrific source for intensive auditing seminars and training)

The bottom line?

Outsourcing some or all of your telecom departmental duties can save your company money. Inrepparttar 150269 process, it can relieve your staff of time-consuming tasks and headaches better left to an experienced outsourcing firm.

Karen Thatcher is President and CEO of TelCon Associates, a a 32 yr old telecom cost-reduction and management firm. For free and helpful tools to help reduce your telecom expenses, visit

I like to be unreasonable

Written by Arvind kumar

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It is difficult to hit a moving target. But changing strategy, changing direction cause uncomforted. Something to some people it is a clear indication of failure. And very few people can afford to look failure. They have worked hard to earn position where they are today. They will do everything to saverepparttar status quo and their position, comerepparttar 150199 hell.

But a leader know, success isrepparttar 150200 next step of one and consecutive failure. But if he stands there still withrepparttar 150201 fear of failure, he will get killed by competitor. Moving target is always hard to hit. And According to Al Ries,repparttar 150202 management guru, “Best defensive strategy is to attack yourself.” You have both side working for you, you get nothing to loose.

Remember it, Rom was nit built by those who lived in their comfortable palace. And they didn’t live long enough to enjoy that. Those who reinvented themselves are enjoyingrepparttar 150203 numerous fruitful failures.

This research work for this report is done by Mr. Arvind Kumar, founder, You may reach him at .

Arvind Kumar is an Electrical Engineer from a premier Institute, Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi, India. He has 3 years experince in marketing business consulting services and marketing services. He is founder and CEO of

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