The Truth About Paid Surveys

Written by Ken Murphy

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This can be as time consuming asrepparttar surveys itself, but one survey site alone might yield a few dollars ever so often. So you want to find as many survey sites as possible so you can maximize your chances of being selected for a survey. Make sure you file welcome emails and bookmark sites you join. Make sure you takerepparttar 113244 surveys they send. The more timely and professionally you handle surveys,repparttar 113245 more likely you will be asked to participate inrepparttar 113246 future.

Where to Findrepparttar 113247 Best Survey Sites

Do a web search or checkrepparttar 113248 Yahoo or DMOZ directories for surveys or paid surveys. Cull discussion forums about surveys to find out which surveys sitesrepparttar 113249 forum members use. Visitrepparttar 113250 sites of leading consumer brands. Sometimes they will have their own market research department. Look to see if there is a link for a survey or participation panel. For instance HP has a link on their site to sign-up as a product tester. Checkrepparttar 113251 home page for a site map. It will list every link onrepparttar 113252 web site. Freebie sites like or have forums and web pages listing survey sites. Those are just two ofrepparttar 113253 dozens, perhaps hundreds of sites you'll find offering information and advice on taking surveys.

Takerepparttar 113254 Survey Seriously and Early

Most surveys will be quick and painless, others, particularly those that pay, can take up to 20 minutes or more to complete online. Don't procrastinate or be sloppy with a survey, particularly with product samples. Be diligent about recording your experience with a product sample. When a survey arrives in your email, try to take it as soon as possible. If you are one ofrepparttar 113255 first to take it, then chances are you'll still qualify in your demographic group. The more specific your response torepparttar 113256 survey,repparttar 113257 more valuablerepparttar 113258 data will be torepparttar 113259 party who paid for it. Descriptive and informative opinions will encourage survey companies to contact you more, when you fit their profile.

Tweak Your Profile

Check your profile now and then to update your responses and buying habits. If you were not planning to buy a car when you joined, but your are now, then check to see if you've indicated so on your profile. Most sites have a member's area for survey takers. Login regularly to see if any surveys are available to take, Sometimes a company will post an unannounced survey.

Make Surerepparttar 113260 Survey Company Deliversrepparttar 113261 Goods

Most survey companies are reputable and generally will take anywhere from 4-8 weeks to deliver checks or awards. Keep track ofrepparttar 113262 surveys you complete, as well as, any points, prizes, or cash you earn. Ifrepparttar 113263 site does not pay or is slow, check your emails or logon to your account. Look for a contact person and telephone number and politely inquire aboutrepparttar 113264 status of your award or check. The Market Research Association ( is a professional organization for market researchers and has codes and standards for survey companies to follow. Their site has a consumer link to register complaints. You can also file a complaint withrepparttar 113265 Better Business Bureau Online ( But let's be real. If after numerous complaints,repparttar 113266 issue remains unresolved, your best recourse is to consult an attorney or file a suit in small claims court. Either option typically is not worthrepparttar 113267 expense and trouble. Companies that don't pay won't be around long. There are too many good survey companies competing for marketers dollars forrepparttar 113268 bad companies to last.

You probably won't make a living completing surveys, but you will earn a few dollars, get to try and keep some interesting products, and you may even be asked to take part in a well paying survey. Paid surveys are truly one ofrepparttar 113269 best ways to earn a few extra dollars fromrepparttar 113270 comfort of your home.

Ken Murphy is a technical consultant and an avid survey taker before there even was an Internet.

Get Paid to Complete Offers and Shop

Written by Gerardas Norkus

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Note that usually only a few ofrepparttar offers are free. Majority of their offers are trial and a credit card might be required to complete them.

And fromrepparttar 113243 companies that pay you for shopping, you earn cash back for any purchase made at their stores directories.

The problem isrepparttar 113244 offers and shops are available torepparttar 113245 US members only. However, has offers section for international members too.

Bottom line? If you think of earning some extra free cash online, drop your paid email or survey companies and join get paid to complete offers sites like or You will earn much more cash quickly, and if you have a web site and can promote and refer, this might even be a good affiliate program for you.

Good luck!

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