The Truth About Honda Pressure Washers

Written by Randall Madon

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She took it torepparttar store authorized service center only to be notified that it was out of warranty and could not be repaired anyway. Needless to say she was furious,after all this was a Honda pressure washer!!

She went on to say thatrepparttar 145233 only reason she purchased it was because it had a Honda engine which implied quality.

The name Honda does not imply a quality pressure washer, it only implies a quality engine. There are many ways a manufacturer can lessen quality to achieve a price point thatrepparttar 145234 superstore will be willing to market. The good news is that "spotting this ploy is not rocket science" and you can get quality advice at this website.

I believe it's an excellent choice when you choose Honda but please remember a pressure washer is more than just a power source.

Randall Madon is the founder and president of ATT Pressure Supply along with a new educational resource site Learn More

Extending the living space outdoors – working with color

Written by Malcolm Kay

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Don't overlook using textures in addition to colour, as contrasting textures play a very important role in a pleasing landscape design. Opportunities for experimenting with texture effects could include tables, chairs, pots, wall hangings, cushions, paving, plants and practically any decorative accessories. Foliage in particular offers a multitude of textures and interesting shapes. Choose plants with a theme in mind: are you creating a tropical wonderland, a place to sit inrepparttar sun and dream of holidays in Tuscany, or a stark modernist approach with grasses and cacti? But before rushing out and spending a fortune atrepparttar 145232 nursery, remember that each plant has specific requirements in terms of soil, sun, humidity, temperature and rainfall. If you can't provide these, your plants simply won't flourish. Consider how each plant will look in each season, especiallyrepparttar 145233 main season when you want to be using your exterior spacesrepparttar 145234 most. And remember, too much of anything, whether it's patterns, textures or colours, can be confusing. Too much variety in small spaces can look excessively “busy”. And with plants, large groupings of just one or two varieties will usually create a much greater impact and look more balanced in a small area than a host of different plants with a riot of different colored flowers.

Malcolm Kay is the CEO of Intex Pacific Pty. Ltd. an exporter of landscape materials including modular decking tiles. For further information see

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