The True Secrets to Success for Home Businesses

Written by Erik Gassler

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There is NO business that will MAKE YOU rich.

It does not exist. Iíve heard many people talk about it, and many network marketers will say they have foundrepparttar business that will, but reality is that no business on this earth will make you rich. It is up to you to make yourself rich. No matter what program you join or team you become a part of or even starting a traditional business, if you donít put inrepparttar 117090 work to make it successful, then it will not be successful.

Those home based businesses and mlm programs out their that claim you can work part time, and make a six figure income your first year, and all that other hype, they have people atrepparttar 117091 top of those programs. Those pictures you see of people standing beside a nice car or house, withrepparttar 117092 testimonial that theyíve made it. Those are all real stories, and all real people, but not a single one of them got where they got working part time a few hours a week. In fact, itís more likely that most if not all of them put in at least 50 to 60 hours a week into their business, with many people pushing 80 or 90 hours a week.

Why would they do this? Becauserepparttar 117093 sacrifice of time back then was worthrepparttar 117094 reward they have now. Because they sacrificed that time they have given themselves more time to enjoy their lives now, and will probably not have to worry about money ever again.

I hope people reading this are starting to realize that it doesnít necessarily matter which business they pick, there are a lot of good ones to pick from, for any situation, but no matter which one you pick, you needrepparttar 117095 motivation to stick with it.

And that brings me to another point. One ofrepparttar 117096 things you should look for in an online business or a home based business is something that interests you. If your business has a product or philosophy or maybe justrepparttar 117097 way they do business, and itís something you can get really excited about, it will help you greatly.

Take me for example, without going into too much detail. My business gives me a lot of reasons to get excited about it. One ofrepparttar 117098 biggest things is that I make my money by genuinely helping people. I sell and network market health products of various types, andrepparttar 117099 products themselves are another source of excitement for me. When I was first introduced to this company Iím with, I had never seen products that even compared to what I was seeing. And of allrepparttar 117100 numerous research Iíve done from before I actually joined withrepparttar 117101 company to now, I have yet to find a product that compares to any of my products that I sell.

Many of my products simply donít have competition. Another thing that excites me is I donít have to sell my products to sell them. And to explain what I mean by that, all I have to do is show my products, let my customers and prospects tryrepparttar 117102 products for free, andrepparttar 117103 product will do allrepparttar 117104 selling for me. When I ask forrepparttar 117105 product back, they basically say no and give me money instead.

I could go on but like I said I didnít want to go into to much detail. My point is that I have found a business that excites me and gives me numerous reasons to work hard at it everyday. And I recommend everybody looking at business opportunities to examinerepparttar 117106 opportunity and see if it has anything that excites them, and try to find something other than them saying youíll make $10k a month or something like that.

And again when you find an opportunity that excites you, go after with full steam. If you fail just get back up, examine why you failed and make adjustments, and go back at it 10 times harder. If you can do that you will be successful.

Living, Learning & Teaching for healthier living and a better quality of life. Owner of Zephyr Air

7 Basics to Look for in a Work at Home Business

Written by Donnie Baird

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Up-line-This goes along withrepparttar training you will get from your business. Can you get in contact with others inrepparttar 117089 business that have been successful? Itís nice to knowrepparttar 117090 path others have taken to become successful in your business. They can give you helpful ideas and they can help you avoid some ofrepparttar 117091 pitfalls they have encountered. It is really nice ifrepparttar 117092 opportunity has a chat room or message board so that you can get ideas on how to start, how to promote and advertise, and how to respond to others as they join your business.

Potential-Allrepparttar 117093 above leads to this last quality I look for in a home based business. How great of a potential is there to make money inrepparttar 117094 business? After all, that isrepparttar 117095 bottom line, isnít it, to make money?

Your Gut Feeling- Donít forget your most important tool-your common sense. If something doesnít seem right, you need to back away until you get all your questions answered. First and foremost, you have to believe inrepparttar 117096 opportunity and what it offers before you can sell it to others. Make sure to get a handle on what is going on before you commit to it. Once you make that commitment, give yourself some time before you decide it wonít work.

Obviously, there are other things that you can look for. These are just some basic things to look for when trying to find justrepparttar 117097 right work at home business to place your time and money into. But, I believe if you will use these basics as a starting point, you will be in good shape on making a decision.

Donnie Baird has been involved with work at home businesses for 4 years and is the webmaster/owner of . He lives in North Carolina with his wife and two children.

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