The True Importance Of Gift Giving

Written by Alan Tutt

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"It'srepparttar thought that counts."

When a gift is given withrepparttar 122192 proper attitude, there is a scientific cause and effect type of response fromrepparttar 122193 Universe. Just as a rubber ball thrown against a brick wall will bounce back, a gift given withrepparttar 122194 proper attitude will causerepparttar 122195 Universe to giverepparttar 122196 giver something of value.

I really like how Wayne Dyer explains this. In one of his presentations, he explains thatrepparttar 122197 Universe is like an echo. Whenever we ask "What can I get?",repparttar 122198 Universe asks usrepparttar 122199 same question. And whenever we ask "What can I do or give?", we experiencerepparttar 122200 Universe asking us this same question.

We can also see this as a mirror. Imagine that you're standing in front of a large (Universally-sized) mirror. What you see is a reflection of who you are. If you giverepparttar 122201 mirror your best, you will findrepparttar 122202 mirror reflectingrepparttar 122203 same attitude back to you, giving you it's best. But if you try to hold back fromrepparttar 122204 mirror, you will findrepparttar 122205 mirror holding back from you.

And so, we find that in giving good gifts to those in our lives, we allowrepparttar 122206 Universe to give us good gifts also, and this naturally increases our experience of prosperity in our lives.

And while it may be difficult to believe at first, understanding this magical fact will open you torepparttar 122207 realization that it'srepparttar 122208 truly generous people in this world that experiencerepparttar 122209 greatest prosperity.

Be generous in your spirit, and become prosperous in your life.

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Turning Problems Into Possibilities

Written by Alan Tutt

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I've had many students who started learning aboutrepparttar Power they control with their minds and started working to direct that Power towards positive ends. And then a few days, or even a couple of weeks later, some major problem comes up and they wonder why. With allrepparttar 122191 positive Power they released intorepparttar 122192 world, how could a problem of such magnitude possibly happen? The answer is simple, although not always accepted. Atrepparttar 122193 point where these students started focusing on positive uses for Power, they had already released enough Power directed negatively to createrepparttar 122194 problems that came up. Some students give up at this point, feeling that they could never become successful in directing Power (a feeling that will create experiences that will reflect this idea). In fact, if they had persisted,repparttar 122195 negatively directed Power they had previously released would eventually work itself out and there would be no more to create any problems whatsoever!

So how can we actually use this information? Quite simply in fact. Recognizing that your thoughts and feelings will direct Power to creating your experiences, you can work to control your them to reflect only what you want to experience. This is a process that takes time, and you won't be able to eliminate all negativity from your life overnight, but it can happen. At one time, I had a very strong habit of getting into angry moods which would be very intense and last for hours at a time. Needless to say, I had a lot of problems in my life.

After trying various methods to gain control over my anger, I foundrepparttar 122196 best method was to simply take time and cultivaterepparttar 122197 feelings of love, peace, and happiness. I would schedule a time period of about a half an hour to a full hour and sit and think about what these feelings were like. If I tried to remember when I had felt these feelings, I would end up remembering something that triggered more anger, so I ended up focusing strictly onrepparttar 122198 feelings I wanted separate from any event or experience.

This method proved to be amazingly effective! Not only did I start to feel better within a couple of days, but withinrepparttar 122199 week I was already gaining control over my mind and emotions. One month later and I was reacting to life events with a completely new pattern. And over time, I have learned thatrepparttar 122200 change inrepparttar 122201 way I reacted to things has completely my "bad luck" into "good luck". Now, instead of everything going wrong andrepparttar 122202 good things going to other people, everything goes much better and I get more than my share of good things.

While not all of my students have chosen to work with this method of controlling thoughts and feelings, those who have tried it have found similar results. Not only do they feel much better about life and find that life reacts by giving them more good things, but they also find that they can focus their minds onrepparttar 122203 things they want in such a way as to automatically attract whatever it is that they desire! They have found that they can specify exactly what they want instead of just a general concept of life experiences!

And this is true Power. To decide what you want and to get it, without undue effort, without strain and struggle, and without worry that it may not happen. Withrepparttar 122204 Keys To Power, you know that anything you want will be yours!

The only other thing to keep in mind when problems surface is this: there is always more to learn. If something is not respondingrepparttar 122205 way you expect it to, then there is more information you need in order to getrepparttar 122206 response you want. Keep an open mind that looks forrepparttar 122207 missing information, and you will eventually overcome any problem. You have my word on it.

Alan Tutt is the creator of the world-famous Keys To Power Mastery System available at Alan has recently written a new book called "Keys To Power Prosperity" in which he shares all that he's learned to attract windfall prosperity in any situation. Find out more by visiting today.

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