The True Cost of Self-employment

Written by Kenny Herbold

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The second highest benefit cost is your retirement benefits. Your employer’s 401(k) match guarantees an immediate return of up to 100% on your money, depending on how much your company will match and how much you contribute. If your company has a defined benefit pension plan, you are losing a guaranteed income in retirement. You are also taking onrepparttar additional risk because you are 100% responsible for investingrepparttar 116827 money to replace it.

These are only a few ofrepparttar 116828 largest items that make uprepparttar 116829 30 – 40% of your salary that will become your responsibility when you become self-employed. Your company might be paying for many other perks also. Some other things you might want to consider are

# company car (this includes gas and maintenance) # annual or performance bonuses # professional training or expenses (including professional journal or society dues) # software license that let you use programs like Microsoft Office programs on your home computer # vacation pay (that’s right, you no longer get paid when you take days off)

All of these, and any others you might be able to think of will needed to be included inrepparttar 116830 total cost of becoming self-employed.

I hope you don’t think I’m trying to discourage you from finally being able to become your own boss. I just know thatrepparttar 116831 excitement of finally making this move can make us forget about some ofrepparttar 116832 “extras” we are receiving. You are considering a very serious change and need to make sure thatrepparttar 116833 benefits are going to outweigh ALL ofrepparttar 116834 costs.

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Are You a Small Business Casualty?

Written by Val Burnet

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For getting a prospective lead, you need to makerepparttar call. You have to believe in your product in order to make a customer believe you. And when he/she believes you, they will be ready to invest time and money in your business.

Confidence – Speakingrepparttar 116826 truth gives you a lot more confidence than otherwise. You are doing a service torepparttar 116827 customer if you are giving themrepparttar 116828 best deal. When you makerepparttar 116829 next call, letrepparttar 116830 customer speak. Do not be afraid thatrepparttar 116831 prospects will refuse your offer if you let them speak.

Commitment – Once your goals have crystallized, set out to achieve. Dreams and dedication are a powerful combination. Believe me you will not seerepparttar 116832 paychecks coming for quite some time. Nor will all your leads be reachable. But you can still do one thing. Stay committed.

Consistency – In your business you find yourself talking to voicemails half ofrepparttar 116833 time. The emails to half of your prospects return with angry replies. The key here is to be consistent without being annoying. The reason why lead providers are in business is that there are people out there ready to buy what you are selling.

Clarity – Be clear in your objective, in your words and in your actions. The customer gives you ten seconds to make your point. If you do not, rest assured he/she is peeling potatoes and waiting to hang up.

Customer – You and I are in business because we have something to offer thatrepparttar 116834 customer needs. If he does not, then he is not your customer. You have hundreds of leads to follow up. J. Paul Getty said, "I'd rather earn one percent offrepparttar 116835 efforts of 100, than 100 percent offrepparttar 116836 efforts of one."

After all everybody is interested in something. The major motivator being money in most cases. Sell them what they want, or convince them that they want what you are selling.

First you have to pay, then their dreams will make them stay.

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