The Tree of Life and Allies

Written by Robert Bruce Baird

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There are many flaws inrepparttar argument or assertions aboutrepparttar 139939 lost continent or continental polar shift and ecologic or cataclysmic events. We shall deal with them later but at this juncture it is worth noting thatrepparttar 139940 Mungo Man and other evidences of great antiquity to support Churchward's theories of Mu have been proven archaeologically. He does an excellent job of decipheringrepparttar 139941 totem poles ofrepparttar 139942 Haida nation in his book 'The Lost Continent of Mu and I have found a stele at Chichen Itza that supports his Greek to Cara-Maya story ofrepparttar 139943 destruction of Mu. There are many statues and artistic works inrepparttar 139944 area to support it as well as other esoteric symbols onrepparttar 139945 stele. My efforts almost landed me in a Mexican prison with no 'rights' as a Canadian or American resident. The author of this particular piece is right to focus on Hawaii and he might be amazed to know thatrepparttar 139946 highest 'northern' (Hyperborean according to ancient Greek scholars) shamans, orrepparttar 139947 Druids have their most adept members in Hawaii. This was from a credible source, I trust. So just because he tried to make sense ofrepparttar 139948 facts and made many mistakes does not diminish my respect forrepparttar 139949 passion and courage of Col. James Churchward. He tried to give mankind a truer picture of his roots and cultural footing. We must try to establish what relevance our past immoral behavior has for people ofrepparttar 139950 future.

"The inspirational and creative level ofrepparttar 139951 mind which operated at a higher state of consciousness was recognized asrepparttar 139952 province of a 'higher spirit' - a 'High' Self - which was immortal and which motivatedrepparttar 139953 individual towards spiritual aspirations and noble deeds. It was considered to guide and inspirerepparttar 139954 'human' self, for it had divine-like qualities...

Among shamans of northern traditions, however, was an oral teaching {The Bardic Tradition ofrepparttar 139955 Bairds by which my genes do instruct.} that recognized a fourth intelligence - an instinctive and automative one which controlled and maintainedrepparttar 139956 physical body, and which was responsible for its protection and survival. This intelligence operated at deep levels of unconscious activity {Partially, perhaps,repparttar 139957 'history book' of our genes according to Dr. Collinsrepparttar 139958 head ofrepparttar 139959 Human Genome Project.} and was likened to an animal spirit because its action seemed largely instinctive. Since it normally disappeared whenrepparttar 139960 human being suffered death it was not regarded inrepparttar 139961 same way asrepparttar 139962 other 'spirits'...

Each technique has been effective within its own culture, but has derived from an earlier universal system of prehistory. By recognizingrepparttar 139963 parallels and integratingrepparttar 139964 principles into a single harmonic system inrepparttar 139965 spirit ofrepparttar 139966 travelling shamans. I hope not only to get closer torepparttar 139967 original system, but also to provide modern people with a clear path torepparttar 139968 Cosmos ofrepparttar 139969 shaman, thus securing a firm foundation from which Inner Space may be explored andrepparttar 139970 benefits shared.

Travelling shamans who went beyondrepparttar 139971 limitations of their own tribal customs recognized that no single group possessed all Truth {Thusrepparttar 139972 Kelts were into 'Brotherhood' rather than racial purity or ethnic ascendancy.}, and so journeyed from tribe to tribe and place to place seeking knowledge, gaining new insights, weaving what they learned into what they already knew, and imparting wisdom." (5)

It is good to see that there are many people in every age who see that Inner Space and travel offer much insight. Despiterepparttar 139973 prevailing attitudes ofrepparttar 139974 last 5,000 years that have sought to homogenize, enslave or create class hierarchies, and manage us for their benefit,repparttar 139975 shaman’s road has borne wondrous fruit. In recent timesrepparttar 139976 quantum (once derided as 'atom-mysticists') physicists and people like Lovelock, Campbell, Chopra etc., are our adept cells. The past hadrepparttar 139977 De Danaan or their 'brothers' ofrepparttar 139978 race of hominids we have just found near Lake Mungo.

“The Pre Ragnarok Viking Gods.

This section was inspired by Erik Linklater andrepparttar 139979 legends ofrepparttar 139980 Orkney Islands, guided by Thor, and tested in meditation. It contains no material of German origin. Written 1989.

The Sagas were written by shamans and other leaders to definerepparttar 139981 social, spiritual and psychic objectives ofrepparttar 139982 race. Where an image produced inspires Man and is acceptable to spirit guides, then those spirit guides will userepparttar 139983 image as an interface and bring it to life, thus creating an archetypal God. The fossilised Gods of monotheism onrepparttar 139984 other hand are just political, mental or psychic control mechanisms stuck in time until dismantled. Spirit guides do not have a brain and need you to do their thinking and meditation for them. If one servesrepparttar 139985 Gods, then they will serve you. There are no free lunches. (Note written February 2000.)

When man can generate enough energy and responsibility for his actions, he will no longer need God or Gods. Until such time he needs a first rate energy source. The Viking Gods provide a first class source of energy, suitable for propelling man through enlightenment (as in Zen). They will help conquerrepparttar 139986 Zodiac andrepparttar 139987 Akashic Elements (Fire, Air, Water and Earth), and other Frost Giants of emotion.” (6)

These wise people were often called 'messengers' amongrepparttar 139988 natives of North America and 'gods' among lesser ethnic groups who sought to create Olympians or other gods they could interpret for. Whenrepparttar 139989 last Mungo Man went to whatever planet or end they sought, we do not know. Was it whenrepparttar 139990 genetic viruses took allrepparttar 139991 large animals like Mammoths and saber cats? No, because there were still mammoths on Wrangle Island 4,000 years ago. I don't thinkrepparttar 139992 more advanced humans ofrepparttar 139993 Mungo strain would have allowed US to do what we've done to our native 'brothers' and our own mothers and sisters. Perhaps I'm a dreamer or an idealist, maybe I'm like Heraclitus of Ephesus who shunned his position and power forrepparttar 139994 pursuit of some ludicrous and intangible 'knowledge'. Maybe I'm an extreme individual and 'neurotic' or just a naive cultist of some kind. I've been called many different names or labeled a witch, agnostic, atheist, alchemist, and other things I probably am, as well. It would be difficult to put me alongside many others in a pursuit because I value and respect so many different people and approaches. Krishnamurti (sans Theosophists), Yogananda before he reached out to normative religion and even asrepparttar 139995 ecumenicist, Jung andrepparttar 139996 philosophers of 'cell diffusion' like Campbell. I hope you put me alongside these people or simply with those who wore my name so proudly in pre-Christian times - BAIRDS! These are my ancestral 'allies' or 'guides'.

Author of Diverse Druids Columnist for The ES Press Magazine guest writer

The Next Generation...

Written by Terry Dashner

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Continuingrepparttar Star Trek analogy,repparttar 139728 postmodern perspective is reflected inrepparttar 139729 second Star Trek series, The Next Generation. The crew ofrepparttar 139730 later Enterprise is more diverse than that ofrepparttar 139731 original, including species from other parts ofrepparttar 139732 universe. This change representsrepparttar 139733 broader universality of postmodernity: humankind is no longerrepparttar 139734 only advanced intelligence, for evolution has been operative throughoutrepparttar 139735 cosmos. More importantly,repparttar 139736 understanding ofrepparttar 139737 quest for knowledge has changed. Humankind is not capable of completingrepparttar 139738 mandate alone; nor doesrepparttar 139739 burden ofrepparttar 139740 quest fall to humans alone. The crew ofrepparttar 139741 Enterprise symbolizesrepparttar 139742 ‘new ecology’ of humankind in partnership withrepparttar 139743 universe. Their mission is no longer to boldly go ‘where no man has gone before’ but ‘where no one has gone before.’ (Grenz page 9).

Although Data often provides valuable assistance in dealing with problems, he is only one of several who contribute to finding solutions. In addition torepparttar 139744 ‘master of rationality,’repparttar 139745 Enterprise crew includes persons skilled inrepparttar 139746 affective and intuitive dimensions of human life. Especially prominent is Counselor Troi, a woman gifted with ability to perceiverepparttar 139747 hidden feelings of others. In this new world, time is no longer simply linear, appearance is not necessarily reality, andrepparttar 139748 rational is not always to be trusted (Grenz, page 9). Things are upside-down.

As George Marsden correctly concludes, in some sense evangelicalism—with its focus on scientific thinking,repparttar 139749 empirical approach, and common sense—is a child of early modernity. But our society is inrepparttar 139750 throes of a monumental transition, moving from modernity to postmodernity. The emerging generation has been nurtured in a context shaped less by commitment torepparttar 139751 Enlightenment project embodied in Star Trek than byrepparttar 139752 postmodern vision of Rorty and Star Trek: The Next Generation (Grenz page 10). So where do we go from here?

We—evangelicals—go boldly where many men before us have failed to go: back torepparttar 139753 Word of God. We don’t need to changerepparttar 139754 message to relate torepparttar 139755 postmodernists. We need to proclaim, even louder, that Jesus isrepparttar 139756 same yesterday, today, and forever. Jesus isrepparttar 139757 Way,repparttar 139758 Truth, andrepparttar 139759 Life, period. He has always beenrepparttar 139760 Way. He has always beenrepparttar 139761 Truth. And He has always been and forever will berepparttar 139762 Life. If any man will hear his voice and call on Him, Jesus will save him from his sins. This, my friend, isrepparttar 139763 Gospel Truth that need not change to accommodaterepparttar 139764 modernists and postmodernists, butrepparttar 139765 modernists and postmodernists can be changed byrepparttar 139766 power ofrepparttar 139767 Gospel if we commoners will boldly proclaim it.

Keeprepparttar 139768 faith. Stayrepparttar 139769 course. Jesus is coming soon! Men will one day discover that Jesus is Truth, absolutely.

Pastor T. dash.

Pastors a small church in Broken Arrow, OK.

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