The Trap

Written by Bob Osgoodby

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If you are not tied to a telephone, it is still important to maintain regular hours. More importantly, you should have daily goals. If you meet those goals,repparttar rest ofrepparttar 118001 day is yours. But many people always think there is tomorrow.

For far too many, tomorrow never comes, and things that should have been done aren't. Maybe whenrepparttar 118002 kids are at school will work for you, or possibly late at night. You might even have to pass up on your favorite "soap". Don't deal with hours - you're not being paid byrepparttar 118003 hour - deal with goal oriented results.

Working in your pajamas sounds great, and many ofrepparttar 118004 offers you may hear state that you can. If I get an idea inrepparttar 118005 wee hours, I may hop onrepparttar 118006 computer dressed like that, but for normal business hours that is simply a myth. Who wants to spend their life like that?

You must have an effective work space, which is free of distractions. You should have quiet office space in your house, which is out-of-the-way, and off limits during your work hours. Treat this like an office. Keep it neat. While I am notrepparttar 118007 neatest person inrepparttar 118008 world, I do know where everything is. If I get a call from a client, I'm not fumbling about looking forrepparttar 118009 information I need. A filing cabinet next to your desk goes a long way.

When you get an email, take appropriate actionrepparttar 118010 same day, then file it in a place where you can find it. Delete all emails in your "in-basket" older than 30 days. If they're older than 30 days, they're not worth anything anyway.

If you don't fall intorepparttar 118011 "trap", which many folks do, you just might make it in your own home business.

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Cash Flow

Written by Bob Osgoodby

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So - assuming you found such a company, it is time to investigaterepparttar feasibility of you going into business with them. They providerepparttar 118000 product or service, and you must set yourself up in business. Here is whererepparttar 118001 cash flow comes into play.

Can you affordrepparttar 118002 monthly amount you pay them? Can you afford to promote your relationship with this business without immediate income? Ifrepparttar 118003 answer to either question is "no", you'd be well advised to reconsider.

Ifrepparttar 118004 answer is "yes", how are you going to promote it? Most companies recommend you exhaust your "warm market" first. Your "warm market" is your circle of family and friends that you might convince to join in with you. Eventually however, you are going to exhaust this market and must start seeking people outside that circle.

One way to attract new people is inrepparttar 118005 online arena. While this will not replacerepparttar 118006 "face to face" contact that is necessary, if it is done correctly, it can add a valuable source of additional income.

Many people makerepparttar 118007 mistake of using a web site supplied by their company. While this can be a valuable tool, it really ties you into their product. If you get your own site, you can use it to highlight your offerings. It is of course necessary to advertise your web site, and ezines and newsletters usually give yourepparttar 118008 best return on your investment. With a modest investment on your part, you can realize a decent return.

Usually, for less than a few hundred dollars, you can get a web site and advertise in ezines targeted to your potential market. Most people can afford this without counting on their cash intake to coverrepparttar 118009 expenses. Determine what you can spend out of pocket to make something like this work. Then, as your cash flow improves, expand your advertising to include a broader market.

While this is a modest start, it doesn't put you inrepparttar 118010 position where you must realize income to make expenses. Above all be patient and realize it will take time and effort to realize your goals.

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