The Trans Siberian Railway

Written by Marina Smiley

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You will travel through one of Russia's oldest cities, called Yaroslavl which was founded by Yaroslavrepparttar Wise inrepparttar 146751 year 1010. Another city, Yekaterinburg, was founded in 1721 by Catherinerepparttar 146752 Great. This isrepparttar 146753 city where Tsar Nicholas II and his family were executed in 1918.

The experience will also propel you through numerous tunnels, some of them more than 2 km long. Feel and seerepparttar 146754 experience of riding in your rail car on a bridge which is 2500 meters long overrepparttar 146755 deepest lake inrepparttar 146756 world,repparttar 146757 Baikal which is said to hold one fifth ofrepparttar 146758 world’s fresh water.

Alongrepparttar 146759 way you will seerepparttar 146760 biggest Siberian cities of Krasnoyarsk and Irkutsk , watchingrepparttar 146761 vast Siberian taiga which isrepparttar 146762 largest remaining forest inrepparttar 146763 world.

The train will also stop inrepparttar 146764 city of Ulan -Ude which houserepparttar 146765 Tibetan Buddhist monastery -repparttar 146766 center of Buddhism in Russia.

Finally you will arrive in Vladivostok,repparttar 146767 last city of Russia Far East.

Vladivostok is they gateway to Korea, China and Japan.

Duringrepparttar 146768 Soviet era, Vladivostok was a secret military base and was completely closed, not only to all foreigners but even torepparttar 146769 citizens of all regions ofrepparttar 146770 then, Soviet Union. You needed special permits just to visit relatives that lived in Vladivostok.

After 1992 this city was opened to all and now anyone can see this beautiful sea port onrepparttar 146771 hills, namedrepparttar 146772 " Russian San-Francisco” which is surrounded byrepparttar 146773 gorgeous Gold Horn Bay.

Althoughrepparttar 146774 Trans Siberian Railway end inrepparttar 146775 sea port of Vladivostok, your journey does not need to end there. You could travel on to Russia’s eastern neighbors, Japan, Korea and China.

Have a wonderful journey!

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Travel To Russia - Baikal Lake

Written by Marina Smiley

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The lake is home torepparttar world's only fresh water seal. It is still a great mystery howrepparttar 146750 nerpa (seal) appeared inrepparttar 146751 center ofrepparttar 146752 Asian continent, when it's relatives live inrepparttar 146753 northern arctic regions.

When standing onrepparttar 146754 top of any ofrepparttar 146755 mountains surrounding Lake Baikal,repparttar 146756 view affords you breathtaking scenery, especiallyrepparttar 146757 blue mirror of water that stretches as far asrepparttar 146758 eye can see.

This wondrous lake reflectsrepparttar 146759 azure ofrepparttar 146760 sky andrepparttar 146761 billowy white ofrepparttar 146762 clouds.The view is so spectacular that one could not even imagine it in one’s wildest dreams.

The lake andrepparttar 146763 entire surrounding area is truly a paradise for tourists and an ideal area for engaging in an array of outdoor pursuits, including hiking, skiing, nature photography, climbing, and whitewater sports.

Baikal is one ofrepparttar 146764 most attractive vacation spots in all of Asia; a place where people can reach out and feelrepparttar 146765 synergy of Mother Nature as well as enjoyrepparttar 146766 majestic and unearthly beauty.

It is a place where you can sit back and relax, listening torepparttar 146767 soothing music caused byrepparttar 146768 waves lapping onrepparttar 146769 shore or swim inrepparttar 146770 crystal-clear water. Nowhere else will you feel so much at one withrepparttar 146771 nature.

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