The Tragedy of Cyprus -rescue by US marines of FBIS staff in a military coup

Written by A. Djev. Basharan

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Mrs. Weiss, Mrs. Clegg, Miss. Pat Werrell, as well as Miss. Elizabeth Seely did their best to make an even distribution ofrepparttar food available. Allen Clegg, a very small boy, who maintained a remarkable composure, did a wonderful job in helpingrepparttar 125999 ladies in their difficult task of feedingrepparttar 126000 hungry crowd. He was almost always around with a tray asking “Have you been served?” When I asked him for another very small helping, he sharply retorted “No second helpings, Sir.”

Butrepparttar 126001 highest credit goes torepparttar 126002 Marines in general and to their chief Ernesto (Gutierrez) in particular. I have never seen such a self-sacrificing young man in my life. He was on duty almost 24 hours a day. He never ran into a temper. He always gave usrepparttar 126003 best possible advice and kept us informed ofrepparttar 126004 tragedy that was going on outsiderepparttar 126005 station. He was so efficient that we soon felt and acted like disciplined soldiers under his command. I would like to call him a shepherd and us his flock.

As torepparttar 126006 tragedy itself, apart fromrepparttar 126007 intensive bombing and shooting that went on around and over us, I was not much scared, becauserepparttar 126008 Marines continually advised us on exactly what was going on.

On Sunday night Mr. Weiss gathered us inrepparttar 126009 corridor and told us that he had received instructions to evacuate onlyrepparttar 126010 Americans andrepparttar 126011 third country nationals. When we asked him what would happen to us,repparttar 126012 locally hired monitors and others, who had bornerepparttar 126013 brunt ofrepparttar 126014 past week as far as monitoring was concerned, he was so moved that he could hardly say, “I wish I could take you all with me. I will try to take you all with me.” But no sooner did he utter these words than he choked up. That very moment alone proved how sincere he was. Our confidence in him was reinforced.

At Mare Monte, whererepparttar 126015 evacuation took place by helicopters, Mr. Weiss wasrepparttar 126016 last to boardrepparttar 126017 helicopter, because he was struggling over an impossible telephone to obtain approval for us. When we met on boardrepparttar 126018 British aircraft carrier off-shore, we all wept for joy. We were all out of danger and Mr. Weiss wasrepparttar 126019 proudest man on earth because he had saved lives by defying rules and regulations.

On boardrepparttar 126020 British aircraft carrier Hermes andrepparttar 126021 U.S. warship Trenton we were excellently treated. No treatment could be more humane. I am over 60 and should know by now how important praying is. But I will never abandonrepparttar 126022 kind of intense and devoted praying I have learned from Mr. Weiss.

I thank God, I thank Mr. Weiss, and I thankrepparttar 126023 Marines. I thankrepparttar 126024 warships and I thankrepparttar 126025 FBIS as a whole fromrepparttar 126026 very depth of my heart.

Cevdet Basharan had enabled FBIS to be the first to brak the news of the above coup -his works include his book The Teaching of Modern English

Socrates, Politics and Axe Murder: A Look At Gay Marriage

Written by Maya Talisman Frost

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Can we legislate love? Is there ever a good reason for society to put limits on a loving relationship between two consenting adults? What responsibility do we have as citizens to support caring, long-term relationships? How will our culture be affected by our choice to support or limit partnerships between two individuals who choose to sustain each other throughout their lives?

Just as important as these questions are those related torepparttar time, expense and divisive discussion required to alter our nation's official stance on this issue. I fail to understand how anyone can decide to focus such enormous resources on clarifying personal relationships at a national level when there are clearly so many more pressing problems that demand attention.

I'd like to see less focus on legislating loving partnerships, and a lot more on preventing truly heinous acts.

Like, say, axe murder. Or maybe war.

With mouths to feed, children to educate, jobs to create, and communities to support,repparttar 125998 discussion surrounding gay marriage is pointedly political and decidedly distracting. I don't know what Socrates would have said about this issue, but my guess is that he'd enjoyrepparttar 125999 debate. It's likely that he would argue to allow individuals to thoughtfully pursue their personal quest for excellence and enjoyrepparttar 126000 same benefits granted to every other adult member ofrepparttar 126001 community.

As our society continues in its welcome development of a more evolved sense of ethics, we can rise torepparttar 126002 challenge. As individuals, we can dedicate ourselves to continuing this thoughtful debate in our communities, our homes, and within ourselves to foster enlightened decision-making at local (state) levels.

I'm hoping for careful consideration, honesty, full disclosure, and a willingness to acceptrepparttar 126003 risks required to expand our thinking. My father hadrepparttar 126004 guts to pursue his own sense of excellence in 1964 and, despite years of personal anguish, was successful in openingrepparttar 126005 minds of everyone in my family. I hope our nation's leaders will be as courageous--and more importantly, as compassionate--in their approach.

Maya Talisman Frost is a mind masseuse. Her work has inspired thinkers in over 80 countries. She serves up a satisfying blend of clarity, comfort and comic relief in her free weekly ezine, the Friday Mind Massage. To subscribe, visit

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