The Top Ten Reasons Why You Can't Trust Vicious Pit Bulls

Written by Jason Mann

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4. They will look at you like you committed a crime against them if you don't let them lick your ice cream bowl.

3. They will cause wide spread happiness in large group settings.

2. They will crack you up by shaking their butts so hard you think they are going to snap in half.

Andrepparttar number one reason why you can't trust vicious Pit Bulls...

1. They will steal your heart like a thief inrepparttar 125767 night, showing you complete and pure love that only a Pit Bull can show.

Jason Mann is a American Pit Bull Terrier fancier and Freelance writer. You can view his website at a website devoted to educating the public and dog world about the American Pit Bull Terrier.

Tips on Hanlding Getting a Second-Hand Dog

Written by Louise Louis

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Onrepparttar other hand, some owners makerepparttar 125766 opposite mistake and become too indulgent with these dogs. That will only increaserepparttar 125767 dog's insecurity and may create a dog that can't bear to be away from its owner.

If you get a second hand dog, you need to find a middle ground. The dog needs security, not pity. Be kind but be firm. You are in charge and you need to show it to your dog.

If you dog anxiously paws at your lap trying to get attention, ignore him! You makerepparttar 125768 decisions on playing, walking and feeding.

Behavior problems are minimized when your dog feels secure and has a leader (you) that he is confident can protect him.

I recognize that not all shelter dogs will come with problems, but because many will, it's best to begin your relationship onrepparttar 125769 basis that problems should be expected and dealt with.

Inrepparttar 125770 long run, this will helprepparttar 125771 dog's new home become his last one.

Louise Louis is a long-time dog person and creator of

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