The Top 7 Rules of Power Copywriting!

Written by Wild Bill Montgomery

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5) Tell Them What You Do, not how you do it!

In your ad copy, add useful and interesting information. This rule is too often forgotten by even byrepparttar best of copywriters. Don't makerepparttar 108195 mistake of thinking your customer wants to know how you do it. What they really want to know about isrepparttar 108196 end result. So you tell them what you do and what they get. Don't get too technical! You can throw in a few facts or statistics that will convince your prospective buyers that you know whatrepparttar 108197 market has to offer and that you haverepparttar 108198 best in your group. Whether it is in price, quantity or quality, feel free to give them some numbers!

6) Use Time Frames

Whenever it is possible initiate a time frame. This falls into two basic categories:repparttar 108199 Product andrepparttar 108200 Pitch.

The Product: Whenever you are offering a solution to a problem, tell them how longrepparttar 108201 solution will take. Which example would catch your interestrepparttar 108202 most? "Clear your Credit" or "Clear your Credit in Only 6 Months". Noterepparttar 108203 word "only". If you're using time factors, make it appear that your time frame is small in respect torepparttar 108204 rest ofrepparttar 108205 market.

The Pitch: One ofrepparttar 108206 best motivators in ad copy isrepparttar 108207 time frame or better putrepparttar 108208 "Time Limit". Let your prospect know that they have a limited amount of time to respond to your offer. You want to create a sense of urgency. They must act now or it will be too late! Remember to injectrepparttar 108209 reason forrepparttar 108210 urgency. This gives your time limit an air of legitimacy.


Put your prospect at ease. Clearly emphasize guarantees, no obligation inquiries and customer service. These are all-important subjects that should be included in any good ad copy.

Guarantees: Simple. The bigger and longer,repparttar 108211 better.

No Obligation Inquiries: Many consumers are wary of being harassed by salespeople. Put their mind at ease. Let them know that they won't have to fight off salesperson after salesperson.

Customer Service: Many consumers preferrepparttar 108212 icing torepparttar 108213 cake. They want to be catered to no matter whatrepparttar 108214 cost. If you can offer great service with low cost, you may haverepparttar 108215 winner you're looking for.

Wrapping It Up.

Congratulations! If you arerepparttar 108216 average small/home business owner you are now 100% more informed than you were ten minutes ago. Of course this one article is not going to make you a professional copywriter. But, if you're a small business owner like myself, you need to rely on your own skills for almost every aspect of your business and marketing efforts.

Thanks for reading! "Wild Bill"

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Revealed: The $12,500 Copywriting Formula

Written by Sopan Greene

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3. CREDIBILITY - Mention referrals and references of how others have benefited from your product or service.

4. PROVE - Show testimonials with full names and cities or countries. Offer a risk-free guarantee.

5. BELIEVABLE - Give your full contact information. Make it easy for them to buy with no hassles. Let them know why they should trust you.

6. SCARCITY - Have limited offers, special time sensitive sales, discounts on a few products in limited quantity.

7. ACTION - Ask forrepparttar sale. Make it simple.

8. WARN - Let them knowrepparttar 108194 pain they'll experience if they don't use your product. i.e. If you're selling a wrinkle cream let them know how dry their face will be and how much deeper their wrinkles will get without your product - if that's true. Don't lie.

9. NOW - Tell them why they should buy right now.

That's it. Now you've gotrepparttar 108195 skeleton thatrepparttar 108196 best copywriters inrepparttar 108197 world use. If you want more information on copywriting from Brian Keith Voiles go to:

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