The Top 5 Exercises That Build A Healthy Body!

Written by Lynn VanDyke

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Squat- I told you... nothing fancy. This exercise makes your quadriceps (front of thigh) work like crazy. Check out allrepparttar variations of this exercise as well. Who knew a yoga pose calledrepparttar 148843 'Goddess' could make you quiver from exhaustion?

Bicep Curl- Work those arms! Our arms need strength, and this exercise provides it. It's probablyrepparttar 148844 most recognized exercise out there, but that's because it works.

Push Ups- Enough said! Checkrepparttar 148845 link out anyway. It shows variations and proper form. Remember we want to do thisrepparttar 148846 right way.

Bent Over Row- This one is a little tricky, but well worth it. It develops a strong middle back. Think of starting your lawn mower and you'll getrepparttar 148847 motion down in a jiffy.

These 5 exercises represent different major muscle groups-repparttar 148848 abs,repparttar 148849 thighs,repparttar 148850 arms,repparttar 148851 chest andrepparttar 148852 back. Those that are serious about becoming healthy and fit really want nothing more thanrepparttar 148853 perfect program. That perfect program is unfortunately notrepparttar 148854 same for everyone. The good news is that with these 5 exercises, you haverepparttar 148855 foundation. Add some cardio, flexibility and nutrition inrepparttar 148856 mix and you'll see amazing results.

Heck, I'll even provide a FREE strength training log! I am always available to help out too. After all, it is what I do :)

Lynn VanDyke is the owner of She is a certified personal trainer, certified yoga instructor and a certified nutritionist. Don't miss out on the No Limits! e-zine. It's all about bringing you no non-sense, powerful, results-focused information. Never boring.

Benefit of Pilates

Written by Gary Gresham

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Some ofrepparttar Pilate routines take less than 10 minutes and are ideal for people who say they don't have enough time to exercise. Who can't squeeze in 10 minutes out of your day to improve your health and well being? Some ofrepparttar 148682 basic principles ofrepparttar 148683 Pilates philosophy include concentration and control. The emphasis is onrepparttar 148684 quality ofrepparttar 148685 movement and notrepparttar 148686 number of repetitions. Pilates movement also includes centering and breathing which focuses attention torepparttar 148687 body's core and breathing properly to oxygenaterepparttar 148688 entire body and cleanse it of impurities. Pilates teaches balance and control ofrepparttar 148689 body and mind, strengthens bone density while improving muscle strength, flexibility and posture. With Pilates you can even trainrepparttar 148690 mind to relax and control stress. You createrepparttar 148691 ability to maintain proper posture, increase joint range of motion, acquire a flat lean stomach, improve circulation, have more stamina and better coordination. The Pilate movements start, stay and end inrepparttar 148692 core. The benefit of Pilates are both emotional and physical. Pilate routines help you achieve inner awareness and calm along with a sense of masteringrepparttar 148693 mind and body.

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