The Top 5 Effective and Cheap Security Solutions (All Under $30.00!)

Written by Luigi Di Serio

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4) ezAntivirus - eTrust™ EZ Antivirus detects and removes 100% of computer viruses “inrepparttar wild” – keeping you safe from virtually all known virus threats. Plus, with automatic software updates, new threats that emerge daily won’t stand a chance. A full range of features – for a fraction ofrepparttar 143051 cost – gives you powerful control, invaluable protection, andrepparttar 143052 confidence to surf and download securely. Retail Price: $29.95 ezAntivirus

5) Identity Protection - Identity Protection is a powerful set of utilities that will scan and remove adware/spyware from your computer, clear your internet and computer histories, scan your computer for security holes, and secure sensitive data. Identity Protection will ensure your computer is secure, and your identity and activities are safe from hackers and outside third party users. Powered by an easy to use interface, Identity Protection will allow you to secure your computer from intruders in only a few clicks. Retail Price: $29.95 Identity Protection

By: Top Secret Software

Luigi Di Serio is the founder of Top Secret Software. One of the web's largest security and spy software stores.

OS 101: Suggestions for Choosing an Operating System

Written by Josef Delinga

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Pros and Cons of The Big Four

Every operating system has its positive and negative elements. There is no perfect operating system. Keeping this in mind, considerrepparttar most common operating systems (Mac OS X, Windows, Linux, and Unix). Mac OS X is great for keeping out hackers and for graphic design. However some problems arerepparttar 143050 fact that certain software is not available for Macs. Ifrepparttar 143051 OS is for a college student who would rather play Half-Life 2 than study, then Mac OS X is notrepparttar 143052 best choice. Windows is very good for compatibility, since most consumers use Windows. Windows also comes with applications like Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Excel, and Internet Explorer. Unfortunately, Windows is weak against viruses and can get bogged down easily. Unix is good for networks, especially if for businesses. Unix has also been around for almost 30 years, so it is quite dependable. One drawback of Unix isrepparttar 143053 cost, which can sometimes be a bit expensive. Unix is also complicated, which can confuse beginners. The final OS, Linux, is free and completely customizable. However, one major drawback isrepparttar 143054 extreme scarcity of applications for Linux. Microsoft and other software developers are often very reluctant to release their products for Linux.


Whatever operating system one chooses, it needs to berepparttar 143055 system that will best fitrepparttar 143056 needs ofrepparttar 143057 consumer. All operating systems have good and bad elements. Understanding how each system works, andrepparttar 143058 system’s pros and cons is a must for anyone deciding on a computer and OS. An OS selection based on research and understanding will certainly yieldrepparttar 143059 highest satisfaction.

Josef Delinga loves writing about computers and CEOs, especially Steve Jobs and Apple Computers.

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