The Top 15 Essential Ingredients of Every WINDOWS HOSTING Plan (Package)

Written by Teeyes Siva

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7.PHP & Coldfusion – ColdFusion is a server-side scripting language web development tool. It uses HTML-like tags called CFML to enable back-end ODBC database connectivity as well as data manipulation and validation within webpages.. This is again an advanced option and NOT every hosting provider provide this. But PHP, Mysql is also bundled with windows hosting plans. Keep an eye on both of these.

8.Control Panel – This isrepparttar nucleus of your website. In a Control Panel, popularly known as CP, you can literally do anything. The moment you signup for a Hosting Pack, you must be provided with a CP to manage your webspace.

9.POP3 email Ids & Aliases - is an example POP3 ID. You must be provided with ample of POP3 email ids and it depends onrepparttar 134384 Package size.

10.FTP Account – This is where you upload your files, delete them, update them. This again comes along withrepparttar 134385 CP.

11.Backup – Most ofrepparttar 134386 Hosts take Automated Backups. But users do not take much care on this while choosingrepparttar 134387 Hosting Pack. This feature is as essential as anyother in this list.

12.Web Statistics - Analysis of your website visitors plays a key role inrepparttar 134388 success of your website. Say, your website has been launched and you get NIL Visits or More than 100 Visits per day. Whateverrepparttar 134389 case may be, you can viewrepparttar 134390 Report using Statistics Application that run inrepparttar 134391 server backend.

13.Bandwidth – Chooserepparttar 134392 Hosting Plan that gives enough Bandwidth for your website. Even though you cannot judge atrepparttar 134393 beginning, as time progresses, you can easily deductrepparttar 134394 Bandwidth required.

14.Webmail, SMTP & SPAM – Email becomes key part in your life once you launchrepparttar 134395 website. Check ifrepparttar 134396 Hosts provide with WEBMAIL ( to check your mails thru a web based interface using Squirrelmail or Horde. Corporate Users prefer downloading mails thru Email Clients such as Eudora or Outlook Express. Only if SMTP or IMAP support is enabled you can use this option. Hence check if SMTP support is provided.No email user is free from a spam attack. Hence you need to have Spam Filters installed onrepparttar 134397 server where your website resides.

15.IP – If your website prefers SSL Support (https://) as time grows, makes ure you get a DEDICATED IP. Most ofrepparttar 134398 websites are hosted on shared IPs. Ask your Hosting Provider aboutrepparttar 134399 extra charges involved in getting a dedicated IP and SSL Support. Note : For SSL (https://), you need to buy a Digital Certificate.

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What’s in a Name?

Written by Martin Wood

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Withrepparttar Auto responder, there was a spam check program. I’d never used that before, but I ran a few sample newsletters throughrepparttar 134383 spam check. Boy, was I in for a shock. Every single one failed to passrepparttar 134384 test. My auto responder is probably like most others, it has a scoring system and once it passes 5 it flags up that your newsletter would triggerrepparttar 134385 spam filters.

What I found most disturbing was that it was my domain name of that was scoringrepparttar 134386 most, 4.3 points each time it was mentioned. And 2.3 points because my email address was

Even a single word newsletter with just scored 6.6. Way aboverepparttar 134387 threshold.

The cost to me, as a result of this has not just been to register a new domain name. I have had to completely redesign my website with my new name on it. Cancel and reopen a new account with my auto responder. And start again with my Reciprocal Links Exchange.

I have also had to start again from scratch withrepparttar 134388 Google Ranking. And I have a domain name that is next to useless to me or to anyone for that matter. I only use it now to direct traffic meant for to my new website.

So, that’s my story, and my warning to you.

Before you go and register a new domain name, run it through a spam check. If you are going to use your web site for marketingrepparttar 134389 last thing you want is forrepparttar 134390 spam filters to stop your email getting through.

Martin Wood’s newest report “What’s in a Name? and many other articles, written by experts, are available to read on his website . Don’t forget to subscribe to his weekly ezine “Home Business Tips.”

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