The Top 10 Helpful Things to Tell Someone Who's in a Difficult Transition

Written by Susan Dunn

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7. Study people who have successfully maneuveredrepparttar transition you're undertaking. Use them as models.

8. Periods of introspection are normal; there are times when you won't be taking action and that's fine.

9. Transitions are incredible opportunities for growth.

10. Use me asrepparttar 123871 North Star as you head out into uncharted waters.

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11 Smart Choices You Can Make

Written by Susan Dunn, M.A., Clinical Psychology

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7. Make use of hypnagogic time,repparttar "twilight" just before and after sleep.

Use it to visualize dreams, solutions and alternatives.

8. Choose to be optimistic. Like other emotional intelligence competencies, it can be learned.

Optimistic people accomplish more, live longer healthier lives, and undoubtedly enjoy it more.

9. Temper reality with optimism, and optimism with reality.

10. Don't live in isolation.

Isolation is worse for your health than smoking, high cholesterol, or obesity.

10. When you're in a transition, get a coach.

Why stand atrepparttar 123870 crossroads alone?

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