The Top 10 Destructive Money Beliefs (and How to Overcome Them)

Written by Dan Klatt

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5. "If I'm successful, my friends will be jealous and stop liking me."

Remember that we live in an abundant universe. There IS enough for everyone. People who envy what others have are coming from scarcity and actually are a harmful influence on your Abundant Mind. It's actually critical to your experience of prosperity to only allow positive, supportive and inspiring messages into your brain. (And that especially includes your own thoughts!)

4. "I'm no better than my parents, so I shouldn't make more then they did."

The world was much different when your parents were where you're at. Tools likerepparttar Internet have made it possible for everyone to make a lot of money doing what they love. Besides, your parents may have struggled precisely to give you a better life than they had. They loved you and would want it no other way.

3. "I might forget what's truly important and not likerepparttar 147259 person I've become."

People who are greedy still come from scarcity and lack. (And if they made lots of money, they will not enjoy it and are more likely to lose it.) Instead, you'll come from Abundance, and you know that encompasses far more than material wealth. In fact, it requires a balance between great health, meaningful relationships, ample time for relaxation and playing, and truly enjoying your financial abundance. You will have an abundance of happiness when you come from an Abundant Mind.

2. "Money isrepparttar 147260 root of all evil."

This isrepparttar 147261 most common error we learn from our parents and religious institutions, and it keeps millions in poverty and a slave to money. That, byrepparttar 147262 way, isrepparttar 147263 only way we may judge money as "evil" - when it controls us. And that only happens when we feel we need it, because we're coming from scarcity and lack. When you come from Abundance, money becomes a tool to enjoyrepparttar 147264 finer things in life and to give you everything you need to fulfill your life purpose. That's why we're here, right?

1. "I'm not worthy."

Did you realize that fully 90 percent ofrepparttar 147265 population has an issue with low self-esteem? It'srepparttar 147266 No. 1 thing that holds people back and prevents them from living their dreams. When people feel they don't deserve wealth or abundance in any area, they don't takerepparttar 147267 opportunities they're given and instead do nothing and complain about people who have become abundant. They also make up lots of excuses to justify how life has done them wrong. Instead, please realize that The Abundant Mind is what separatesrepparttar 147268 richest person fromrepparttar 147269 crowd, and you can choose right now to come from Abundance and take your place amongrepparttar 147270 wealthy. You ARE worthy.

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Make a Note/What I Learned from Jack Canfield and Ted Nicholas

Written by Joe Vitale

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Why are all these already successful people still buying how-to information and takes notes at seminars?

I think this is a trait of success. If you want to get ahead, to achieve your dreams, to liftrepparttar bar on past and future successes, then you need to be always learning, growing, thinking, and expanding.

When you're at an event, take notes.

When you're reading books, take notes.

Even though I have my own mentoring program at

where others pay a lot of money to learn my marketing methods, I still read, study, learn and grow. I spend what some may consider a fortune on books. I have this desire to know more, and this realization that I'll never know it all. So I keep reading, and I keep taking notes.

One thing note taking does is reinforce what you are learning. It also makes it more permanent. It's easy to forget what you think you'll always remember. Don't trust your memory.

Write it down. And later, review what you wrote.

If it's good enough for Ted Nicholas and Jack Canfield and me, it ought to be good enough for you, too.

Make a note.

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