The Top 10 Benefits of Spiritual Environmental Design

Written by Bea Fields

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6. Reconnect with Your Intuition -- Your Deeper Self

For centuries, many cultures have focused a tremendous amount of effort inrepparttar direction of developingrepparttar 110104 mind. We don't all grow up learning how to trust our gut or look closely at our dreams and instincts. Instead, we are taught to grow our minds, and to ignore our deeper selves. Our intuition can create tremendous energy, and can guide us to a place which is healing in all areas of life...the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual well being. What are you pretending not to "know"?

7. Uncover and Dissolve Your Tolerations

Some ofrepparttar 110105 most common tolerations inrepparttar 110106 Spiritual Environment include: My own judgment of myself and others; low spiritual energy...frustration, anger, doubt, fear; I don't know what I believe or where I get my energy...I sometimes wonder if there is a higher power; overwhelm andrepparttar 110107 inability to taprepparttar 110108 intuition; and I feel disconnected and alone. What do you often tolerate in your spiritual environment that keeps you from enjoying peace and a sense of spiritual fulfillment?

8. Be Source

By enjoying a spiritually supportive environment, you come to see yourself as a positive source of energy and trust in your ability to create positive energy sources. You begin to understand that you are responsible for what you manifest, be it joy or sorrow, and you chose wisely. Are you conscious ofrepparttar 110109 energy you take with you when you walk into a room?

9. Convert Feelings of Conflict Into Love and Contentment

Do you want to feel "unplugged, out of sorts, in conflict, and tense," or do you want to feel "love, joy, harmony, and a feeling of peace?" Inrepparttar 110110 world ofrepparttar 110111 five senses, we often find ourselves in conflicting situations, because we have strongly held opinions and beliefs about what is right and what is wrong. "She is cheap, or he is stupid, or they are arrogant, or she is a dizzy blond" are not who they really are - they are your judgments. As Wayne Dyer says " When you judge another person you do not define them. You merely define yourself as someone who needs to judge." It will be difficult to bring spiritual stability and harmony into your life as long as you acceptrepparttar 110112 notion that one way is right and one way is wrong. By bringing an open and non-judgmental soundness to your interactions with yourself, your relationships, and to each life process, your own spiritual energy will be raised.

10. Achieve Authentic Empowerment

Many people find their connection torepparttar 110113 world throughrepparttar 110114 five senses. This is a connection torepparttar 110115 external forces ofrepparttar 110116 world, and relying on these fives senses alone can create an amazing amount of fear. Many people believe that someone who is spiritually evolved has moved beyondrepparttar 110117 five senses and is able to fully seerepparttar 110118 dynamics and currents which cause anger, hate, and frustration, and those which create love, happiness, and a feeling of contentment. Spiritual experts agree that our souls are designed to thrive in spaces filled with love, creativity, abundance, happiness, and a feeling of peace. Whenrepparttar 110119 ego begins to serverepparttar 110120 soul completely, authentic empowerment is achieved.

This piece was originally submitted by Bea Fields, who can be reached at, or visited on the web at . Bea Fields is the Vice President of Sales and Marketing for CoachVille and Visionary for CoachVille’s Personal Environments Community.

Pets. The Wild Kind.

Written by David Leonhardt

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This summer, we discovered an exotic spider (See ). Painted on its inch-long black back are two bright yellow eyes. Spooky. We even watched it wrap its prey – a small, light brown flying thingy. With amazing speed,repparttar spider scurried fromrepparttar 110103 center of her web towardrepparttar 110104 helpless victim at least a foot away. Then in a matter of two seconds flat,repparttar 110105 spider spunrepparttar 110106 fly around three or four times, weaving it into a web cocoon like rolling a corpse in a carpet behind Luigi's Fine Finer and Smokes. No gangster could have operated with one tenthrepparttar 110107 speed.

Just a few hours ago, I was proud to show off a bees nest over a foot tall hanging from a low branch in our One Acre Woods.

"Wow. It's just like in Winnierepparttar 110108 Pooh!" That was Little Lady, now 3 years and 3 months old.

"Destroy it. There must be thousands of bees in there!" That was my wife.

The fact is that I have had to destroy four bees nests inrepparttar 110109 past three weeks, all betweenrepparttar 110110 stones in our foundation. I am not keen to driverepparttar 110111 bees away from their forest nest and towardrepparttar 110112 house. In fact, I think I'll post an arrow sign nearrepparttar 110113 house pointing torepparttar 110114 forest: "Cheap rent. Spacious hive. Vibrant community."

So far, we've avoidedrepparttar 110115 pets insiderepparttar 110116 house – we won't discussrepparttar 110117 "storm trooper ants incident" orrepparttar 110118 midnight mouse-trap peanut-butter visits – and we have keptrepparttar 110119 hogs and sheep at bay (althoughrepparttar 110120 chickens sheepishly crawl throughrepparttar 110121 fence andrepparttar 110122 stray cats like to run hog wild around our land).

No pets, perhaps. But you still have to share your space with skunks and spiders and bees when you live inrepparttar 110123 country.

Coming soon to a humor column near you: How I adopted 14,673 cluster flies on a Tuesday afternoon....without even breaking into a sweat.

David Leonhardt publishes The Happy Guy humor column: Read his humor articles: Visit his home page: David is owner of The Liquid Vitamin Supplements Store:

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