The Tipping Point

Written by Susan Dunn, Coach

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or start a new sector, and see nothing happening. One member ... another new member ... It's alsorepparttar "overnight effect" because suddenly one day you've reachedrepparttar 117599 critical mass, and members are joining in droves and you're into momentum. The thing takes on a life of its own. This, incidentally, plagues marketing people in terms of cause and effect, because outsiders will tend to claim one single 'thing' which causedrepparttar 117600 results, when you know it wasrepparttar 117601 months of dogged day-by-day work that built to ...repparttar 117602 tipping point! We also know it'srepparttar 117603 cumulative effect of allrepparttar 117604 smaller things we do.

An exterior source of encouragement and support is good duringrepparttar 117605 times of building when 'nothing seems to be happening', especially if you're going throughrepparttar 117606 cyclerepparttar 117607 first time. Many entrepreneurs give up just when they were about to make it.

Susan Dunn is a personal and professional development coach, specializing in emotional intelligence, strengths, and life balance. You can visit her on the web at

Sell Information For Fun And Profit!

Written by BB Lee

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Perhaps you've raised a child with special needs. Think ofrepparttar vast market that exist needing this type of provider information.

Or maybe you have a collection of easy, simple, to make desserts. Why not put your favorite recipes into e-booklet form and market them to busy housewives or working people who don't have time to experiment aroundrepparttar 117598 kitchen with foods but want to prepare a quick sumptuous dessert.

Or maybe you are admired by friends because you are so well organized. You could write down your tips on organizing a home or perhaps a home office for entrepreneurs.

Think of your hobbies, interest,repparttar 117599 work you do. Is there an information product waiting there for you to write? I'm sure there is!

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