The Three Principles Of HTML Code Optimization

Written by George Peirson

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This is our Second Principle of clean HTML code: Use nested tags when possible. Be aware that WYSIWYG editors will frequently update formatting by adding layer after layer of nested code. So while you are cleaning uprepparttar code look for redundant nested code placed there by your WYSIWYG editing program.

A big problem with using HTML tags is that we need to repeatrepparttar 145892 tag coding whenever we changerepparttar 145893 formatting. The advent of CSS allows us a great advantage in clean coding by allowing us to layoutrepparttar 145894 formatting once in a document, then simply refer to it over and over again.

If we had six paragraphs in a page that switch between two different types of formatting, such as headings in Blue, Bold, Ariel, size 4 and paragraph text in Black, Times, size 2, using tags we would need to list that complete formatting each time we make a change.

(font face=”Ariel” color=”blue” size=”4”)(b)Our heading(/b)(/font) (font face=”Times color=”black” size=”2”)Our paragraph(/font) (font face=”Ariel” color=”blue” size=”4”)(b)Our next heading(/b)(/font) (font face=”Times color=”black” size=”2”)Our next paragraph(/font)

We would then repeat this for each heading and paragraph, lots of html code.

With CSS we could create CSS Styles for each formatting type, listrepparttar 145895 Styles once inrepparttar 145896 Header ofrepparttar 145897 page, and then simply refer torepparttar 145898 Style each time we make a change.

(head) (style type="text/css") (!-- .style1 { font-family: Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif; font-weight: bold; font-size: 24px; } .style2 { font-family: "Times New Roman", Times, serif; font-size: 12px; } --) (/style) (/head) (body) (p class="style1")Heading(/p) (p class="style2")Paragraph Text(/p) (/body)

Notice thatrepparttar 145899 Styles are created inrepparttar 145900 Head section ofrepparttar 145901 page and then simply referenced inrepparttar 145902 Body section. As we add more formatting we would simply continue to refer torepparttar 145903 previously created Styles.

This is our Third Principle of Clean HTML Code: Use CSS styles when ever possible. CSS has several other benefits, such as being able to placerepparttar 145904 CSS styles in an external file, thereby reducingrepparttar 145905 page size even more, andrepparttar 145906 ability to quickly update formatting site-wide by simply updatingrepparttar 145907 external CSS Style file.

So with some simple cleaning of your HTML code you can easily reducerepparttar 145908 file size and make a fast loading, lean and mean web page.

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VoIP Phone Home?

Written by Jason Canon

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As for SIP VoIP inrepparttar home, there is too little incentive for savvy consumers to part with more of their hard earned communications dollars for an industry offering that simply does not meetrepparttar 145609 needs ofrepparttar 145610 user. Until something concrete can be done to move SIP VoIP forward, service based on P2P such as Skype seems to berepparttar 145611 only sensible choice onrepparttar 145612 kitchen table. Why should home users pay $15 or more per month for less reliable communications than they already have with their land line? Skype gives usersrepparttar 145613 ability to experience “best effort” voice overrepparttar 145614 Internet for FREE. Could this berepparttar 145615 reason why more than 125 million copies of Skype’s P2P software has been downloaded? And forrepparttar 145616 occasions where interconnection withrepparttar 145617 existing circuit-switched telephone networks is required, Skype offers a very competitive 2 cents per minute interconnection rate. With Skype you can talk for 12 ½ hours interconnected torepparttar 145618 phone system forrepparttar 145619 same cost as a basic rate SIP VoIP service.

Until genuine changes are made to support SIP VoIP QoS there does not appear to be a convincing or compelling reason today for users to choose anything other than P2P VoIP services such as Skype to render Internet “best effort” home phone services.

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