The Three Pillars of Life

Written by Amyn Lalji

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Vision Vision is our ability to see beyondrepparttar present. It resides in hopes and dreams. It expands our horizon and reframes our world. It is throughrepparttar 145710 process of visioning that we make experiences, as we want then to be.

All of us have vision. Some are dreams; some are hopes and others come to us as expectations. But what’s important is to understand that they all have a sense of possibility impregnated in them. Even though we do not know but it resides in it. Vision hasrepparttar 145711 power to change and coupled with strong purpose and aligned values anyone can do miracles as miracles are nothing but a possibility ofrepparttar 145712 impossible.

“Another way of viewing our way home is to describe our universe as a big jigsaw puzzle, with a unique shape cut out for very living being, little space inrepparttar 145713 cosmos that only one person can fill. The miracle comes when, as you find your place inrepparttar 145714 jigsaw puzzle, you formrepparttar 145715 pattern for me to find mine. We serve each other powerfully by finding our place” Alan Cohen

Amyn Lalji is a Creativity and Leadership Coach. He helps individuals and organisations unblock their creative spirit and create fulfilling lives. He is also the author of “Bumped into the Wall – A Tool for Unblocking your Creativity and Releasing Your Creative Spirit” published in 2005.


Written by Terry L. Sumerlin

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In this respect, success in speaking takes muchrepparttar same course as success in any other field. It requires intense belief in what one is doing andrepparttar 145628 motivation, based upon that belief, to stay committed to doing whatever it legitimately takes.

No doubt some mistakes will be made alongrepparttar 145629 way. I once told Sherry that I knew I would make it inrepparttar 145630 speaking business because I had already tried and discarded everything that wouldn't work. But, I never quit trying. The dream had me, and I hadrepparttar 145631 dream.

BARBER-OSOPHY: To succeed in any worthwhile endeavor: (1) Know what you're doing, (2) be natural while doing it, (3) believe in what you're doing, (4) be willing to do whatever it takes, (5) and don't be afraid to make mistakes.

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Terry L. Sumerlin, known as the Barber-osopher, is the author of "Barber-osophy," and is a columnist for the San Antonio Business Journal. He speaks nationally as a humorist/motivational speaker. Visit his website at

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