The Three Main Parts Of A Tree

Written by Paul Curran

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The stem or trunk of a tree has three parts:repparttar bark,repparttar 113363 wood andrepparttar 113364 pith. The pith isrepparttar 113365 central part and around it isrepparttar 113366 wood. Between wood and bark isrepparttar 113367 cambium, a thin layer that produces new wood and bark. Whenrepparttar 113368 cambium ring is severed, as by a wire cable,repparttar 113369 tree is killed, and sincerepparttar 113370 cambium protects against insects and disease, anything driven into it can woundrepparttar 113371 tree severely.

Outside of man himself, trees have countless enemies.

There are 200,000 known kinds of insects that attack trees, in addition to diseases such as blight, rust and rot, storms and droughts. Luckily, birds help to keep caterpillars, borers, beetles and other insects in check.

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Fall Lawn Care

Written by Hans Dekker

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So, this year our turf has to ďweatherrepparttar weatherĒ and Iíll spend my winter wondering if it will maintainrepparttar 113362 energy to raise itís blades torepparttar 113363 sun after it pokes through that wet mess of leaves. However, Iíve got a sneaking suspicion that Iíll be staring at brown patches until summer due to my abandoned fall lawn care plan.

Good thing itís a new year! I resolve to implement my fall lawn care plan next fall.

1.Cut my lawn one last time when I notice itís stopped growing. 2.Top-dress my grass with a thin layer of compost, not to keep it warm (Iím not that silly!), but to add one last batch of nutrients torepparttar 113364 soil! 3.Spade compost into bare spots and reseed them to give them a head start on spring growth. 4.Rake autumn leaves to maximize my grassís chance at getting its share of warm spring rains and sunshine.

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