The Ten Best E-Commerce Strategies

Written by Steven Pruner

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Strategy #6 - Use Email Lists

A listserver allows you to capture emails so that you can build an email list. This will allow you can send torepparttar entire list with just one email message or newsletter. A subscribed list is where users subscribe freely to your list. This is perfect for sales updates or a newsletter, or just wishing everyone happy holidays.

Strategy #7 - Get Found in Search Engines!

Unless you are inrepparttar 109041 top 20 of search engine listings you probably won't be found by 90% of those usingrepparttar 109042 search engine. By creating an additional home page that is optimized for your search word andrepparttar 109043 search engine you are submitting it to you will vastly increase your ranking in most search engine.

Strategy #8 - Get Linked!

One ofrepparttar 109044 cheapest and best ways for new customers to find your site is through links. Getting other sites to provide a link to your site involves just a few things:

1.Have a graphic button that you can provide other sites with which they can put on their page. This gives them an easy button that can serve to maybe even dress up their site. 2.Create a standard email message that hasrepparttar 109045 graphic button attached asking them nicely to putrepparttar 109046 button withrepparttar 109047 link on there site

Strategy #9 - For More Sales Have More Product

Too often shopping sites do not have enough of an inventory to makerepparttar 109048 shopping experience worthwhile forrepparttar 109049 shoppers. The likelihood that anyone actually buys something is directly proportional torepparttar 109050 number of items with all things being equal. You have to catch customers with something they want to buy.

Strategy #10 - Make Everyone Your Salesman

You can make everyone a paid salesman for your products by setting up yourself with an affiliate program. Affiliate programs are fast becoming one of repparttar 109051 hottest selling techniques onrepparttar 109052 internet next to auction programs. By creating an affiliate program you make it easy for anyone with a web site to sell your products and receive a commission.

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The Seven Pillars of eCommerce Defined

Written by Stuart Martin

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a) physical products that cannot be distributed overrepparttar internet; b) non-tangible products and services that can be delivered torepparttar 109040 customer online.

Forrepparttar 109041 travel and tourism industryrepparttar 109042 fulfillment process isrepparttar 109043 confirmation ofrepparttar 109044 reservation, booking and backroom movement ofrepparttar 109045 information torepparttar 109046 Vendor Databases.

Pillar 5) Online consumption is possible with only a few types of companies. It is not synonymous with travel. The closest use would be a virtual tour ofrepparttar 109047 experience andrepparttar 109048 use of travel articles to satisfyrepparttar 109049 consumer's interest for information on destinations, activities, etc.

Those selling information can actually have customers consume purchases online. For example, someone subscribing torepparttar 109050 Wall Street Journal Interactive Edition can browse various newspaper articles online.

Pillar 6) Online Support can be offered regardless of whetherrepparttar 109051 product or service is fulfilled and consumed byrepparttar 109052 customer online. Many companies have an online support process in place. Customers can email or visit a special section ofrepparttar 109053 company website for support. More sophisticated database-driven company websites will allow users to track orders online and receive support information throughrepparttar 109054 use of a password or other form of identification code.

Pillar 7) Online direct one-on-one marketing. Once companies have got to this level of use ofrepparttar 109055 Internet, they should be using their customer database and market data to continuously communicate and market their services to their customers. This requires planning and marketing management. An example of this would be an online last minute club targeting specific customers on seasonal or regional specials.

The power of being able to deliver direct marketing programs atrepparttar 109056 press of a key has enormous cost saving implications versusrepparttar 109057 more traditional mail or general advertising mediums. It makesrepparttar 109058 necessary analysis ofrepparttar 109059 return on investment of these types of programs much more favorable.

As you can see, there are several important steps inrepparttar 109060 equation to selling online. When planning an e-business strategy, it is necessary to take these seven pillars of e-business into consideration. Ask yourself these questions:

How far do we want to takerepparttar 109061 e-business equation?

How far will our business model andrepparttar 109062 nature of our product offerings and services allow us to takerepparttar 109063 e-business equation? - The Canadian Rockies Internet Guide featuresrepparttar 109064 e-business solutions provided by Visit us to streamline your e-commerce solutions today!

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