The Superultramodern Universal Communism (SUC)

Written by Dr Kedar Joshi

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The community where communism thrives is a morally good community because to its people it isrepparttar welfare ofrepparttar 125910 community as a whole that is more important thanrepparttar 125911 welfare of an individual. This isrepparttar 125912 ideal and, as far as one has ego, shall never be realised (One isrepparttar 125913 same as ego, so impossible to realise.). Still it is better to tend torepparttar 125914 ideal.

For barbarians even English capitalistic system (and its law and order), for example, is a form of communism. And torepparttar 125915 ideal of universal communism I have mentioned, we are barbarians.

Listen My Children And You Will Hear.

Written by Ryan Kelly

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When Chief Justice Moore's opinion describesrepparttar lives of gay and lesbian people as "abhorrent," "immoral," "detestable," an "inherent evil," and "an intolerable evil." He condemns homosexuality as "so heinous that it defies one's ability to describe it." Relying on ancient sources of criminal law, rather than current knowledge about lesbian and gay parents and their children, he emphasizes that, in his mind, any person in a lesbian or gay relationship is unfit to have custody. That unyielding position is contrary torepparttar 125909 Canons of law and shows Chief Justice Moore's disregard forrepparttar 125910 requirements of his judicial office. Haverepparttar 125911 liberals demanded he step down?

We have reachedrepparttar 125912 precipuce inrepparttar 125913 matter ofrepparttar 125914 separation of church and state. The enemy is gearing up forrepparttar 125915 largest assault againstrepparttar 125916 rights of our countrymen. We must take action immediately. Only by buildingrepparttar 125917 political power of liberal Democrats will we be able to stoprepparttar 125918 conservatives from achieving their dangerous vision forrepparttar 125919 country andrepparttar 125920 world! We must also embolden liberal Democrats to fight againstrepparttar 125921 conservative tide in Washington, DC and state legislatures throughoutrepparttar 125922 country. Don't getrepparttar 125923 mistaken idea thatrepparttar 125924 opposition is decent, honest and conservative, that simply isn'trepparttar 125925 case. Like a faith in rationality, they move forward in blind pursuit of wealth and power.

Ryan Kelly is a writer, eBook publisher, and a liberal activist who is involved in using the Internet to bring about change in our society. After the re-election of George Bush, he established a grassroots alliance for liberals. The Equality Alliance Mission (T.E.A.M.) can be found at Internet URL

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