The Stuff of Poetry – Mead

Written by Paul Rinehart

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The next time I brewed I was prepared. I went out and got a basic brewing kit. I used more honey this time and also decided to use a few additives and clarifying agents such as gelatin, hops, lavender, and rose hip. I used champagne yeast instead of bread yeast for better flavor. This brew fermented for two weeks, I then aged it for two more, bottled it, and left it to age on a rack for about two more months. The end result was something wonderful, and I gave my grandfather a taste. He had been an avid amateur vintner, so he knew a thing or two about how wine should taste. A tear came to his eye, and I could tell he was proud that I had been successful.

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Perfect Pot Coffee from Gabby Goodies

Written by Shannon Barnard

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can imagine it would be great iced with some milk and maybe even a splash of Amaretto liqueur. Some flavored coffees I’ve tried smell good, butrepparttar flavor doesn’t make it throughrepparttar 151110 brewing. If you like flavored coffee, I recommend trying Perfect Pot coffee from Gabby Goodies. The 2 oz. foil packets come in 19 flavors and some are available in decaf. Gabby Goodies offers a whole range of gourmet goodies including coffee, tea, cocoa, cookies, mixes and dips. Browse around Patty’s site at to take inrepparttar 151111 full line of products.

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