The Struggle with Website Tools

Written by Ralf Stadtaus

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Another crucial point isrepparttar licensing and pricing issue. Scripts that can be used for free are often written by coding beginners andrepparttar 131554 quality level is very low. High quality scripts, in turn, are often expensive and overloaded with features.

While aware of these issues,repparttar 131555 object of ( is to develop and provide PHP scripts that are easy to install and configure. The scripts are fully customizable to fitrepparttar 131556 layout ofrepparttar 131557 Web site. All scripts can be downloaded and used for free and without registration. Only a small link back torepparttar 131558 project is requested, unlessrepparttar 131559 user pays a fair license fee. And finally, provides a support forum where all users are guided throughrepparttar 131560 installation process.

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Increase Your Google PageRank

Written by Ratlif J

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3.) Be patient. Don't resubmit your website every day just because you made a few changes. You will find that o­nce your website has been around a while, Google will do a pretty good job of updating their engine. If it has been a few months andrepparttar GoogleBot has not come to visit, then you should probably resubmit.

4.) Get listed in other engines. Submit to Yahoo, DMOZ, and others. Again, be patient as it might take some time before your site gets listed.

We all know that a higher ranking means more revenue, but we should also beware of abusing our websites torepparttar 131552 point of being removed from Google. I would much rather have a lower pagerank and work hard to get an honest higher pagerank than to cheat and risk losing a google listed website.

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