The Story of the Hypnotic Writing Monkey

Written by Joe Vitale

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Stop! Note "byrepparttar time you finish reading..." is ALSO from this priceless new bag of tricks!

Can you see why I'm so excited?

As you get and then study every word of this book you will become amazed at how easy it will be for you to start writing your own hypnotic material.

(I can't resist. "As you study every word of this book you will become..." is also swiped from this collection. This is becoming way too easy.)

But let me confess something: (Yes. "Let me confess..." is a hypnotic phrase.)

When Larry Dotson,repparttar 129825 primary author of this new ebook, wrote to me and said he compiled this material, I was angry. ("I was angry..." is from this collection, too.)

*I* wanted to berepparttar 129826 author of these gems. I even offered to help add more gems torepparttar 129827 package if Larry would let me be co-author. He agreed, but I could barely think of anything to add! Larry already did most ofrepparttar 129828 work---and did it very well! The further you read into his collection,repparttar 129829 more you will realize why professional copywriters always have "swipe files." They use them for inspiration. In this case, Larry has done ALLrepparttar 129830 leg work for you.

("The further you read into this..." is from his swipe file.)

Remember when you were in high school, and you cheated to get a passing grade? Admit it. You did, at least once. Well, this collection is your cheat-cheat.

("Remember when you were in high school..." is swiped from this book, too. Do you see how easy it is to write with this collection at hand? It's so easy I feel silly accepting money for writing material like this for clients. But not THAT silly.)

Have you noticed yet that I began with no idea of how to write this article and now, withrepparttar 129831 help of Larry's collection, have written a very interesting and maybe even hypnotic piece?

("Have you noticed yet that..." is from this fantastic swipe file, too.)

So here you are. You're holding dynamite. Do you light it and throw it in a field to watchrepparttar 129832 dirt blow up, or do you light it and throw it where you know lay hidden gold?

FACT: The choice is yours.

See a hypnotic sales letter forrepparttar 129833 "Hypnotic Writer's Swipe File" ebook at:

("FACT" is swiped, too.)

Go forth and profit.

Joe Vitale is recognized by many to be one of the greatest living copywriters. His latest project, the Hypnotic Writer's Swipe File is a collection of over 1,550 copywriting gems that took him years to compile. Click here to learn more.

Warm Up Online -- How to Put More of Yourself into Your Online Business to Increase Sales

Written by Lisa Lake

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Exhausted already? Maybe as captain of your small business, you can't squeeze one more hat on your head. You'rerepparttar creator,repparttar 129823 systems engineer,repparttar 129824 accountant,repparttar 129825 in-house advertising agency and, late at night,repparttar 129826 worn-out janitor. You have no desire to, nor will you ever get around to becoming a good writer.

There are options.

The cheapest? Write up your own rough draft, and have someone who passed Advanced Placement English take a look at it. Ask him to help you edit for clarity and grammar while preserving your 'voice'. I edited some writing for a neighbor who is a heck of a great meat salesman but wouldn't have sold bologna with his written communication. My family ate Boarshead brand smoked ham that night.

Still affordable and guaranteed good? Use an Internet writing service. Don't be afraid! Editors don't bite. At least we don't, at Internet Writers. Dr. Nunley, with a PhD. in Communications, wears no-iron sports shirts and puts a lot of happy exclamation marks in his effervescent emails, for example. Meridith Pond wrote 'We need a redwood deck and outdoor furniture' onrepparttar 129827 office wipe board. (But her press releases are realistic and sharp.) You couldn't call Kent snooty in his flip-flops and backwards baseball cap. But he was born to findrepparttar 129828 right word like a cat was born to jump onto three-inch ledges. Ron, with a Masters in Communications and an expert in public speaking, is friendly and approachable and super generous in sharing his knowledge.

Warm up online through good writing. It takes practice, or perhaps even professional assistance. But it's positively essential to your success.

Lisa Lake shares her ability to communicate through good writing with anyone who wants to learn. See her free tips at and catch advice from the staff at Quick turnaround on writing from classified ads to ezines and ebooks. Reach Lisa at or 801-328-9006.

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