The Story of O(scar)

Written by M. Nikole Hunn

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Was he afraid inrepparttar moments before his death? Was he crying for his family to come help him? Didrepparttar 141691 driver who hit him even see him? Did that driver care that he or she had just killed someone's pet? Was he cherished by his family as I cherish my pets? Did his family care about him enough to have tried to keep him inside away from harm, or had they let him wander about and be exposed to just this sort of danger, thinking that he was just a cat and they can get another?

I bent down and very gently touchedrepparttar 141692 cat's fur. I don't know if I harbored a tiny hope thatrepparttar 141693 cat was still alive and able to be saved. I just know I wanted to pet him and let him know that someone cared that he'd died. I didn't cry until I began to walk away. Thenrepparttar 141694 tears came. Sometimes, when I think of him, they still do. I wonder if he's in heaven, or atrepparttar 141695 Rainbow Bridge, or wherever pets go when they die, waiting for his family. And I think of him as Oscar. Because he deserved a name and someone to cry for him.

-- In memory of allrepparttar 141696 pets killed by cars every year…

M. Nikole Hunn is a freelance writer in her spare time and loves all things cat and dog. Her freelance site can be seen at

More Issues with Food and Family Pets

Written by JR Rogers

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The Best Prevention is Early Prevention Over feeding inrepparttar younger years causes fat cells to build in your pet. This pattern becomes aggravated by continuing this over feeding in their adult years. As fat cells grow inrepparttar 141618 body they are more difficult to control; and,repparttar 141619 dangers forrepparttar 141620 pet are that they will likely develop hip dysplasia or other arthritis related problems. In short, we are leading them into a life of pain and discomfort when arthritis is considered.

If this is where you are now, what should you do? We have said this many times before butrepparttar 141621 nature ofrepparttar 141622 diet is a factor. (See, other articles in this series) Exercise is critical. When you combine obesity with an arthritis problem in pets, they suffer.

Cutting Down Now This almost certainly means following different food regimens and cutting downrepparttar 141623 quantity of food you are giving your pets. I recommend trying to cut down about 10-20% if you have a pet that has become obese. It is not going to be easy at first; they will beg for food. Just remember, it is in their best interest to resist.

Just watch that diet. Your pet will thank you many times over for doing so. Of course, it may take some time for them to realize that they arerepparttar 141624 winners.

JR Rogers is the owner of Synflex America Inc. makers of Syn-flex, a premium glucosamine arthritis formula for humans and household pets.

The author's statements have not been evaluated by the FDA and are not provided to diagnose or to suggest that liquid glucosamine and chondroitin will treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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