The Start of Civilisation via the Back Passage!

Written by Thick Mick

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The pool was a simple lava pool!

Allrepparttar local "bullies" were encouraged to participate, and always agreed to agressiveness, with unknown results.

This was BRILLIANCE" and "VIRAL", and "LOW BUDGET" entertainment. The prize still hasn't been won.

One after one, they lined up to winrepparttar 118149 prize. One after one, they failed. The trick was to hold your breath, I think, and no-one copped onto it.

As a boy of eighteen, I could never figure out why such men of Herculean physiques failed to winrepparttar 118150 "Game". It took me many years of research to dicover thatrepparttar 118151 solution was inrepparttar 118152 stone, and indeed, only understood it properly, a few minutes ago.

Legend had it that instructions were actually carved intorepparttar 118153 tablet of granite, but they were written in "Javascript", a language with origins fromrepparttar 118154 island "Java" (this island is still in existence, before I broke my spring, anyway).

Wasn't I a lucky boy that my true nature wasn't discovered as quickly and easily as I discovedrepparttar 118155 solution, for I would surely have drowned!

"Swimming and stones are not exclusive", I remember some old lad saying at a time more trivial than now.

Mick Savage. Indepth columnist with THE TRIVIAL TIMES.

Thick Mick is "an expert" on historical matters, with the The Trivial Times.

The Back Passage!

Written by Thick Mick.

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I'll never forget his adventurous accounts of punctured rubber, mutilated beef, and Brazilian bicycle clips!

How would such an adventurer find time for my great grandmother to be, you might well ask? Well, she had a few bucks behind her, and some clever measures were needed to guarantee possession (old word for love ). Wait until you seerepparttar genius of this globetrotter/globepeddler, depending on air pressure status withinrepparttar 118148 inner-tube.

In a bid to "mask"repparttar 118149 stench of sweat (essential for long distance ), he used a "primitive talc" powder, or "de-odorant dust". By inverting his bicycle and hand peddaling it, he was able to make dust out of any material by pressing it againstrepparttar 118150 high-speed spokes. The material he chose was similar to what we know as conventional coal/graphite/carbon.

Hence,repparttar 118151 term "CARBON DATING" was coined.

While a little messy, he invented a perfect product to "soak"repparttar 118152 "SOUP of ADVENTURE". As with any back passage, more material will be forthcoming. Thanks for your understanding of times past, however trivial, Mick Savage.

Thick Mick is "an expert columnist" on historical matters, with The Trivial Times

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