The Spare Parts Gremlins

Written by David Leonhardt

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I toyed withrepparttar idea of just tasting it. But what if it was coffee flavored? I don't like coffee. (Yes, I know. My mother dropped me on my head when I was young.) What if it was mint flavored? Sorry, but chocolate covered toothpaste just is not my thing. What if it was cheesecake flavored? Mmm. No, that would be just wishful thinking. "Ooh. I hate you Spare Parts Gremlins."

The Spare Parts Gremlins were there atrepparttar 100180 movie theatre. We were watching The Matrix Reloaded, a psychological action film, when all of a sudden a love-making scene popped out of nowhere. Neo and Trinity were expressing their friendship in a way that only a man and a woman can. The camera switched back and forth betweenrepparttar 100181 couple and a mass party of gyrating hips and earthy rhythmic music.

Don't get me wrong, I enjoy gyrating hips as much asrepparttar 100182 next person, butrepparttar 100183 scene was out of context like a cowboy at a tea party in an English garden. The Spare Parts Gremlins strike again!

Gremlin One: Hey, I have a love-making scene here. It's sort of a primal Amazon thing. What should I do with it?

Gremlin Two: We have to find a totally unrelated film. What about The Matrix Reloaded? Gremlin One: That's perfect!

You just never know what gremlin will show up. You have to be prepared. Take a deep breath. In. Out. In. Out. That's it. Stay calm. OK, continue with your life.

So here I stand with one dresser, two plastic parts that I don't dare throw away in case they actually are needed somewhere, andrepparttar 100184 fear thatrepparttar 100185 Spare Parts Gremlins are lurking somewhere in my house, ready to force "a little something extra" on me again when I least suspect it.

The author is David Leonhardt, The Happy Guy, author of Climb Your Stairway to Heaven: the 9 habits of maximum happiness at and publisher of Your Daily Dose of Happiness at . Visit his web site at .

Tylers Lock - Wedding venue extraordinaire reborn from the ruins of a canal pumphouse

Written by malcolm pugh

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through followingrepparttar bears; gardens, countryside, photography, ponds, walks, National Trust houses. I am sure you would rather have them being interested in proper, real pursuits than being cooped up in their room with a TV and a computer for friends. So through their computer they LEARN there are more worlds than their important seeming virtual world. For bigger kids there are superb fully downloadable photos, andrepparttar 100179 originals can be requested and delivered via email. There are practical, pictorial step by step projects showing how to do various jobs outdoors, ponds, lawns, landscapes, gardens. Also there are computer tips, and an amazing feature whererepparttar 100180 author ofrepparttar 100181 site, an ex systems programmer will ressurrect cds sent to him deemed ruined; so your holiday snaps might well NOT be beyond repair!! He also fixes pictures, either via email or by scanning in posted snaps, and returning them. The site can be found by typing Stiffsteiffs or "Tylers lock"into ANY search, or by clickingrepparttar 100182 link below now. ylers.htm

Now I know why people PAY for domain names!!

i am 50 years of age and still fairly fit. I was a Civil Engineer and then a systems programmer until recently.

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