The South Beach Diet

Written by Charlene J. Nuble

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According to experts,repparttar South Beach diet metrepparttar 137354 criteria of healthy diet which is a good thing. The bad thing isrepparttar 137355 induction phase wherein dieters lose weight due to loss of water. Losing a large amount of water can disturb one’s electrolyte so if you’re followingrepparttar 137356 South Beach diet, it would be better if you work closely with a doctor.

According to Dr. Agatston, South Beach diet is neither a low carb nor low fat diet butrepparttar 137357 restrictions placed inrepparttar 137358 induction phase cut big timerepparttar 137359 carbohydrate and fat intake of dieters. The good thing aboutrepparttar 137360 South Beach diet is that it teaches people onrepparttar 137361 right foods to eat to cutrepparttar 137362 risk of heart problems and high cholesterol as well as help them lose weight. The South Beach diet is a long, tedious journey towards perhaps a drop dead gorgeous body. But more than phases of losing weight,repparttar 137363 South Beach diet is a way of life.

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Why All Diets Fail Most Of The Time

Written by Steve Gillman

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Motivate Yourself To Lose Weight

Imagine yourself at your ideal weight. Perhaps you'll feel better, or look better. Maybe you don't care aboutrepparttar admiring glances you'll get, and you just want to be healthier.

You know what's important to you. If you likerepparttar 137298 idea of people looking at your thinner body, then imagine that happening. Use your imagination to motivate yourself, and you'll be more likely to stick with any weight loss plan.

Do you ever feel motivated by a book or article onrepparttar 137299 latest diet or weight loss theory, only to lose your motivation as time goes by? None of us can stay permanently motivated by a book or article, so sign up for a weight loss newsletter. The advantage of a newsletter, is that it regularly re-motivates you.

Findrepparttar 137300 right weight loss plan, get motivated, and you will lose weight.

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