The Softer Benefits Of Corporate Giving

Written by Veronica Fielding

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Companies are finding that this sort of support, in addition to public recognition and praise of employees who donate their time and personal resources to various causes, helps them communicate to employees that they are valued as individuals. It also provides a forum through whichrepparttar company can show appreciation torepparttar 136285 employee forrepparttar 136286 benefits it receives throughrepparttar 136287 positive association withrepparttar 136288 employee.

According to Kurt Rechner, President and Chief Operating Officer of Tejas Securities Group, Inc., “Tejas Securities contributes regularly to charities as a way to give back to our community and to show support for our employees andrepparttar 136289 companies with which we do business. For example, we’ve made contributions torepparttar 136290 Children’s Medical Center Foundation of Austin,repparttar 136291 Austin Film Society, and Meals on Wheels, each of which provides wonderful benefits torepparttar 136292 people in and around our home-base of Austin, Texas. In addition, we recently learned aboutrepparttar 136293 great work being done by Big Brothers of Massachusetts, and we made contributions to that organization as well. I think it’s important for companies to openly communicate with their employees and business partners about their corporate giving activities. By sharing information,repparttar 136294 employees feel valued,repparttar 136295 organization learns about good organizations that need its support—and it creates a win: win allrepparttar 136296 way around.”

Companies frequently find themselves contributing around themes. Some, for example, find their employees tend to want to support health-related causes, such as Breast Cancer Research or Alzheimer’s research or other causes that may have affected families and friends. Other organizations find their employees gravitate towards education-related initiatives, such asrepparttar 136297 TJ Ford Foundation and Reading Is Fundamental. And many organizations find themselves contributing to organizations that help support children, especially organizations that provide esteem-building like Big Brothers/Big Sisters and those helping children with special needs, such as Special Olympics and Make a Wish Foundation.

With good causes being a good rallying point for boosting morale, many organizations use their corporate giving programs as team building tools to help unite their workers around a common charitable cause. They find that uniting workers for an outside cause helps reinforce their ability to work together forrepparttar 136298 companies’ good as well.

So if you’re an employee who is active in a charity, consider extendingrepparttar 136299 value of your contributions by getting your employer involved. And if you’re an employer who wants to expandrepparttar 136300 benefits of your contributions program, explore ways to involve your employees, too. The non-profits you support will thank you.

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10 Easy but Essential Steps for Home Selling Success

Written by Rhiannon Williamson

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5. Get a loan agreed in theory.

Now you have to approach a mortgage lender and work with him to determine exactly how much you can comfortably afford to borrow. He will take into account many factors but these will includerepparttar amount you have as a down payment andrepparttar 136183 amount you earn. Ultimately he will arm you with a budget with which you can now work when searching for your new home.

6. Begin searching for your new house.

Now you have a budget to work with you can beginrepparttar 136184 exciting process of searching for a new home. It may seem dull to have to get allrepparttar 136185 financial facts and figures in place before heading off to find that dream house, but by doing allrepparttar 136186 ground work first you will be less likely to fall in love with an unsuitable, unaffordable home. You will not have set yourself up for a fall; you will once again have set yourself up for success.

7. Give your home a makeover!

Takerepparttar 136187 advice given to you byrepparttar 136188 real estate agents and get to work withrepparttar 136189 repairs, renovations and heavy work needed to bring your house up torepparttar 136190 top ofrepparttar 136191 market.

8. Findrepparttar 136192 best real estate agent.

Having already met and worked with real estate agents forrepparttar 136193 valuation of your home get back in touch with your preferred agent and ask them to revalue and then market your home. If you are in doubt about which agent to choose speak to any friends, family and colleagues in your local area who have recently bought, sold or rented property through an agent and ask for personal recommendations. You need to feel comfortable withrepparttar 136194 agent you choose to represent you, you need to make sure they will sell your house as quickly, efficiently, honestly and effectively as possible and that they are trust worthy to be left to show viewers around your home.

Once you choose your agent go through their entire marketing strategy for your home and make sure you are comfortable with their approach and that they are going to do everything required of them to assist you. Furthermore, ask them to revalue your home based onrepparttar 136195 work you have done to it and any market movements that have occurred inrepparttar 136196 interim.

9. Remember - first impressions count!

Nowrepparttar 136197 time has come for buyers to begin viewing your home. You have to go over every single aspect of your home with a very critical eye and consider whatrepparttar 136198 potential purchaser will make of every aspect. Their first impression of your home will be as they look at it fromrepparttar 136199 sidewalk, ensurerepparttar 136200 outside of your home is as clean, tidy and well presented as possible and then walk through every room andrepparttar 136201 garden and look at it with fresh eyes. What will a buyer’s eye be drawn to,repparttar 136202 beautiful proportions ofrepparttar 136203 room orrepparttar 136204 dirty window and vase of dead flowers?

Because first impressions count so very much takerepparttar 136205 time to consider every aspect of your home and then make time to clean, polish and present your home inrepparttar 136206 very best light possible.

10. Be as flexible as possible.

If you can be quick to react to a viewing request and flexible when it comes to a contract completion date you will be doing everything within your power to enable your buyer. By remaining on top ofrepparttar 136207 upkeep of your home you should be able to say ‘yes’ to a viewing request atrepparttar 136208 drop of a hat. And if you remain on top of your home search and are at least mentally prepared to move out swiftly – even if this means moving into rental accommodation for a short period – you will be doing absolutely everything within your power for home selling success.

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