The Silver Lining

Written by Donna Schwartz Mills

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Online Sales

Ifrepparttar idea of starting a low cost home business is appealing to you but direct sales is not, you might want to try selling products online. The Internet has made it possible for thousands of home-based entrepreneurs to earn a solid living from home -- with little investment and flexible hours.

Hundreds of large corporations pay hundreds of thousands of online entrepreneurs commissions to sell products from their websites. These 'affiliate programs' are easy to join and most are free:

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Be aware that many ofrepparttar 117912 headlines proclaiming lay-offs and poor stock performance have come out ofrepparttar 117913 technology sector. (The spectacular demise of eToys is an example!) The affiliate model is young and evolving. Many programs are being discontinued on a daily basis, so once again, research is essential.

You should also understand that your income potential with affiliate programs is directly in proportion torepparttar 117914 number of people you are able to reach online. If you explore this route, you will probably spend a lot of time learning about website promotion and ezine ad placement before you start earning a substantial income from affiliate programs. However, *it can be done* -- in your spare time -- and at very little cost.

The Service Option

Your third option for starting a low-cost home business is to offer a service that others will need. And once again, with so many people starting businesses onrepparttar 117915 side, it should not be too difficult to fill this niche.

Even withrepparttar 117916 tumult inrepparttar 117917 Internet economy, having a website is becoming a necessity for everyone in business. Web design, site promotion, advertising copywriting and newsletter editing are all services you can offer to other home-based entrepreneurs. So are classic services like tax preparation, bookkeeping, errand running, bulk mailing, secretarial (virtual assisting), desktop publishing and more.

You'll find some great books to help you get started here:

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Like I said, it's a great time to start your home business... so what's keeping you?

Donna Schwartz Mills is the Editor/Webmaster of the NOBOSS ParentPreneur Club Get the latest home business tips and tools by subscribing to ParentPreneur Weekly at . Donna also edits NOBOSS Online, the newsletter for home-based entrepreneurs doing business on the web. To subscribe, send a blank email to

Munchkins Want Advice from Monsters? Not!

Written by Mike Banks Valentine

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Come on John, if you were about to go out on your own, would you rely onrepparttar sources you quote in your story and wade deeply throughrepparttar 117911 mire of that bureaucratic gobbledygook to get torepparttar 117912 occassional gem? How about sources like where I am proud to be a columnist in their guest expert section on Small Business Ecommerce at:

How about true home business based sites like (short for "A Home Based Business Online" run by Elena Fawkner).

How about truly valuable stuff for independent professionals at sites like

run by Paul Siegel where valuable community among freelancers helps all become better business owners?

One of your listed sources is

Where I used to have a link to my website until they beganrepparttar 117913 requirements ofrepparttar 117914 new which requires that linked sites cross promote and that partners must serve a minimum of 150,000 pageviews a month from their own sites. Now you must be a Goliath to be listed by Goliaths.

The same happened atrepparttar 117915 former small business section of whererepparttar 117916 entire category was dropped and merged withrepparttar 117917 ecommerce section, which then dropped all ofrepparttar 117918 Davids from their Goliath-only links list!

Now we see all overrepparttar 117919 web how Goliaths are courting business from Davids as they suddenly realize that we make up almost 50% ofrepparttar 117920 US economy. Oh really? What a surprise! Big business falters after absorbing all of each other's money, then begins luring smaller fish when they've eaten allrepparttar 117921 big ones. I did a piece on that as well at:

I have a much better list. Here's a few additional sites for you to review so you can gain a true understanding of whatrepparttar 117922 little guy truly needs to survive as a small business. I'm not too proud to list my own site.

Mike Valentine does Search Engine Placement for the Small Business WebSite101 "Reading List" Weekly Netrepreneur Tip Sheet Weekly Ezine emphasizing small business on the Internet

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