The Sheep Syndrome

Written by Ieuan Dolby

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In some limited cases people are perceived by others to be different. Neighbors may huddle and talk aboutrepparttar family that lives at No29 because they just don’t fit in withrepparttar 105762 street as a whole. Butrepparttar 105763 family at No29 has another agenda to follow, they forsakerepparttar 105764 ‘street’ circle for another social or work group to which they will fit in very well and will thus be sheep, tied to that group for their ideologies and trends.

There is a debatable 1% of society that manages to be different and for them life is not so easy. The man who decides that he doesn’t want to drive a car, yet works as a car mechanic might be viewed as weird byrepparttar 105765 rest ofrepparttar 105766 world. He would also find it totally impossible to find suitable employment in that field even though he isrepparttar 105767 best mechanic available. He just doesn’t conform. The pregnant mother who tellsrepparttar 105768 hospital staff that she doesn’t want a scan of her infant will be talked about in hushed whispers byrepparttar 105769 nurses and doctors, treated at a distance simply because she does not want that which is prescribed by an establishment. But researching these acts of stand alone behavior may at first glance seem worthy but deep downrepparttar 105770 sheep syndrome will rear its ugly head. The mechanic who refuses to drive might be an outcast amongst all other mechanics, with his wife, neighbors, etc. but he will probably be a sheep of another social group. He might be a member ofrepparttar 105771 local cycling club, a member of Greenpeace orrepparttar 105772 anti-car society! The pregnant mother who refusesrepparttar 105773 scan may not be so alone after all as back home is a mother and family that fully supports her decision.

True individualism is hard if not impossible to find. At first glance little acts of transgression do surface especially amongst those who can afford to be different, who haverepparttar 105774 power or position to ward offrepparttar 105775 sneers and snide remarks that are synonymous with stand-alone behavior. Pop stars, actors and politicians. The singer who first smashed his guitar on stage did something unusual, yet he left that stage and snorted drugs and abused groupies just likerepparttar 105776 rest of his social group does. The actress who first bared her breasts on screen stepped outside of acceptable moral behavior, yet afterwards she returned to her mansion andrepparttar 105777 party that she was hosting. The conservative politician that dared to suggest that he liked to buy organic food went home to his three-up two-down detached house where his wife and 2.3 kids awaited his return.

Individualism takes courage even if it is only a minute transgression away from that which is deemed acceptable. But what is notable aboutrepparttar 105778 1% of society who transgresses briefly is that their small wayward behavior breeds in time to become fully acceptable behavior. That one daring escapade on stage withrepparttar 105779 guitar produced a horde of musicians queuing up atrepparttar 105780 local shop to buy spare guitars andrepparttar 105781 actress who bared her breasts soon found out that every other actress was romping naked and that she had been left behind. Oh, and that politician that had mentioned organic food soon found himself atrepparttar 105782 back of a very large queue atrepparttar 105783 local organic greengrocers.

The true individual who does something that is far-and-away outside ofrepparttar 105784 normal, that is not a copycat of any social or work group and that is unknown or just plain different finds life very hard indeed. Words are bandied around like hermit or recluse. Prodigal sons and black sheep flit around followed by scowls and hushed words andrepparttar 105785 more different these people arerepparttar 105786 harder they find it to exist. Generally everybody has to follow or be part of a social group just to be able to survive even if atrepparttar 105787 very leastrepparttar 105788 group’s main existence is to be different. Simply by joiningrepparttar 105789 “be different group” its members are conforming simply through agreeing to be different.

The only real individuals who are totally and independently different are those who are dead or live in isolation wards atrepparttar 105790 local mental hospital.

Author and Webmaster of Seamania. As a Chief Engineer in the Merchant Navy he has sailed the world for fifteen years. Now living in Taiwan he writes about cultures across the globe and life as he sees it.

How To Overcome FEAR

Written by Dr. Joe Vitale

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Of course, Ted is known asrepparttar four billion dollar man because he is now a legend in direct marketing. "As forrepparttar 105761 fear of success," I told my new friend in Chicago, "what I've learned is thatrepparttar 105762 more successful I am,repparttar 105763 more I can help myself, my family, andrepparttar 105764 world." Inrepparttar 105765 last week alone I had made contributions to a new children's foundation dedicated to helping babies suffering from a stroke at birth, and I made donations to Paul Hartunian's dog rescue work.

"Success enables me to help myself as well as everyone else," I said. "When you realizerepparttar 105766 good you can do as a success,repparttar 105767 fear evaporates." I saw a light come on inrepparttar 105768 eyes ofrepparttar 105769 fellow before me. He seemed to get it. He seemed to realize that fear was stopping him, but that he wasrepparttar 105770 one creating it, so he could berepparttar 105771 one to let it go. As Dan Kennedy said in Chicago, "There is no limit torepparttar 105772 money available. The pie is infinite. It's up to you to go scoop it up." Fear? Stop it.

You've got a life to live, and people to help. Go for it.

-------------------------------------------------------------- Dr. Joe Vitale isrepparttar 105773 author of way too many books to list here. His latest title is The Attractor Factor: 5 Easy Steps for Creating Wealth (or anything else) fromrepparttar 105774 Inside Out" Check out his newest book release at: --------------------------------------------------------------

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Dr. Joe Vitale is the author of way too many books to list here. His latest title is The Attractor Factor: 5 Easy Steps for Creating Wealth (or anything else) from the Inside Out" Check out his newest book release at:

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