The Shameful Secret of Illiteracy in America

Written by Penni Wild

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Illiteracy has long been viewed as a social and educational issue - someone else's problem. However, more recently we have come to understandrepparttar economic consequences ofrepparttar 109395 lack of literacy skills for America and American business.

Illiteracy has a significant impact onrepparttar 109396 economy. According to Nation's Business magazine, 15 million adults holding jobs today are functionally illiterate. The American Council of Life Insurance reports that three quarters ofrepparttar 109397 Fortune 500 companies provide some level of remedial training for their workers. And, a study done byrepparttar 109398 Northeast Midwest Institute and The Center for Regional Policy found that business losses attribute to basic skill deficiencies run intorepparttar 109399 hundreds of millions of dollars because of low productivity, errors and accidents.

In addition, as reported inrepparttar 109400 1986 publication entitled Making Literacy Programs Work: A Practical Guide for Correctional Educators (forrepparttar 109401 U.S. Department of Justice, National Institute of Corrections), one-half of all adults in federal and state correctional institutions cannot read or write at all. Only about one-third of those in prison have completed high school.

Evidence indicates thatrepparttar 109402 problem begins at home. A National Governors' Association Task Force on Adult Literacy reported that illiteracy is an inter-generational problem, following a parent-child pattern. Poor school achievement and dropping out before completing school are commonplace among children of illiterate parents.

The reasons for illiteracy are as varied asrepparttar 109403 number of non-readers. The adult non-reader may have left school early, may have had a physical or emotional disability, may have had ineffectual teachers or simply may have been unready to learn atrepparttar 109404 time reading instruction began.

Because they are unable to help their children learn, parents who can't read often perpetuaterepparttar 109405 inter-generational cycle of illiteracy. Without books, newspapers or magazines inrepparttar 109406 home and a parent who reads to serve as a role model, many children grow up with severe literacy deficiencies. Clearly, there is no single cause of illiteracy.

Adults have many reasons for requesting reading help. Many are prompted byrepparttar 109407 need for increased levels of literacy in their jobs. Others may wish to read to a child, readrepparttar 109408 Bible or write to a family member forrepparttar 109409 first time. All express a hope for a better quality of life through higher levels of literacy.

According to Barbara Bush, "It suddenly occurred to me that every single thing I worry about –repparttar 109410 breakup of families, drugs, AIDS,repparttar 109411 homeless – everything would be better if more people could read, write and understand."

Let us all do what we can to make illiteracy not a part ofrepparttar 109412 story of American today but a part of America’s past.

Penni Wild is the Executive Director of New Jersey Reads. New Jersey Reads was established in 2002 by a group of literacy advocates dedicated to encouraging literacy among adults and children throughout the state. For more information about New Jersey Reads, visit or call 609-394-5416.

War Declared On Instant Messenger: How to Stop Your Child from Wasting Their Life Away Online

Written by Christopher Pizzo M.Ed.

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The internet is a great tool, especially when it comes to education and homework. Inrepparttar future we can expect to see an even greater merger of it with our every day lives. However, right now it’srepparttar 109394 great stealer of time. Getting sidetracked is very easy, (as some of you might know) and withrepparttar 109395 media induced, shortened attention spans of our children, whole young lives could waste away online. Teach your kids to userepparttar 109396 Internet and Instant Messaging as intended. Sometimes we use it for work; sometimes we use it for play. Just be sure your kids knowrepparttar 109397 difference betweenrepparttar 109398 two.


Chris Pizzo isrepparttar 109399 President of Noble Learning Systems Inc. andrepparttar 109400 developer ofrepparttar 109401 NEW “Amazing Homework Motivator” program.

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Chris Pizzo is the President of Noble Learning Systems Inc. and the developer of the NEW “Amazing Homework Motivator” program.

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