The Seven Vital Steps You Must Know To Ensure Direct Mail Success

Written by Allan J. Katz

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5. Producerepparttar Package

Have you ever read an ad or received a mailing without a phone number or address? Often people get so wrapped up inrepparttar 148899 copy they forget to call for action. Boldly feature your phone number, address, web site address, email address and fax. Make it easy for your prospects to contact you.

Your logo should visually expressrepparttar 148900 essence of your company's mission along with a positioning statement that sets you apart from your competition. Design a "risk-free" response certificate that clearly repeats your most valuable benefits and moves your reader to say "yes."

6. Testing

The standard business-to-business mailing package includes an outside envelope, letter, brochure, lift letter and response device.

The benefit of direct mail is that you have an unlimited number of choices when it comes to your package. You can chooserepparttar 148901 paper, ink color and size ofrepparttar 148902 package. Or you might choose a postcard, self mailer, flyer or 3D package which is almost guaranteed to get opened.

7. Follow Up

The three most important elements to test arerepparttar 148903 list, offer and package. Studies showrepparttar 148904 quality of your mailing list represents 40% - 70% of your mailing success.

First, carefully select your list, keep your offerrepparttar 148905 same and test one list against another; either two rented lists or your customer list against a rented list.

Then, test your offers. Keep your listrepparttar 148906 same and change your offer. A one word change in a headline can boost your response over 300%. Test discounts, free gifts, free samples, personalized coaching or free reports.

Third, testrepparttar 148907 creative. Colors create moods and can affect response. Test a humorous approach vs. a serious approach. Test photos vs. clip art, ink colors, paper colors, envelope design. Test a postcard vs. a letter. What about a teaser onrepparttar 148908 envelope vs. a blank envelope? All these variables can affect your response and should be tested.

It's useless to have a powerful measurable tool like direct mail and not evaluate whether it's working. Keep track of your response. Code your ads and business reply cards and determine what isrepparttar 148909 most profitable combination of elements for your market.

(c) Allan J. Katz, 2005. Permission to reprint granted to all venues to long asrepparttar 148910 article and by-line are not changed and links are clickable.

Allan is the Loyalty Coach at and the Marketing Director of, a full service, web based Direct Mail Advertising and Printing Company, in Memphis, Tennessee specializing in 4 color printing of direct mail postcards, brochures, newsletters and flyers.

Postcard Direct Mail Marketing: 15 Ways To Grab Attention

Written by Alan Sharpe

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  • show a customer using your product in an unusual setting (a man sitting on a camel and talking on a cell phone, for example)
  • show a photograph ofrepparttar postcard sender, and include a personal message from that person, in quotes
  • create a sense of immediacy by circlingrepparttar 148755 date of your deadline for ordering on a calendar, and using that as your visual
  • present your offer visually (if it's a discount, showrepparttar 148756 amount of money saved as a pile of dollar bills; if it is a cruise for two, show two people dining onboard)
  • demonstrate that you understand your prospect's challenge by showing a photo of a prospect facing that challenge
  • dramatize your product with a close up photo of an unusual part
  • design your postcard to look like a high-end invitation
  • ask a "true or false" question that is answered onrepparttar 148757 other side (eventually)
  • makerepparttar 148758 postcard interactive by invitingrepparttar 148759 reader to fold it, hold it up torepparttar 148760 light, bend it, or do something else with it that communicates your selling proposition in a compelling (and perhaps funny) way
  • whatever you do, remember thatrepparttar 148761 goal of Side A of your postcard is to grab attention long enough that you arouse curiosity and motivate your prospect to turnrepparttar 148762 card over and continue reading

  • About the author Alan Sharpe is a business-to-business direct mail copywriter who helps business owners and marketing managers generate leads, close sales and retain customers using creative direct mail marketing. Sign up for free weekly tips like this at

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