The Seven Sisters of Success

Written by Philip E. Humbert

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5. Intense Pragmatism. Balanced with their idealism, these highly successful people were extremely practical. They are solution- focused, and use technology, information, and skills to reach their most important goals. They were not interested in theories, or in defending past choices or old traditions. They use practical tools to help them reach their goals.

6. Extraordinary Curiosity. They observe culture, readrepparttar paper, read about their industry, and try to learn about everything around them. They read about politics and religion, they want to know aboutrepparttar 102115 stock market and cooking. I was surprised that most of them were not "experts" inrepparttar 102116 usual sense, but they are extremely educated, bright and curious. They have earned their doctorates in "real life". Very interesting!

7. Personal Discipline. They don't waste time, and they don't lie to themselves. They don't exaggerate or minimize, and they don't generalize. These people were precise when they spoke about their age, relationships, business affairs or dreams. Numbers and dates, dollars and cents were important to them, and I found them easy to talk with, and very clear in their communications.

What impressed me was thatrepparttar 102117 keys to their success were not related to family or background. They had not been born wealthy, and only about half completed college. They did not seem "driven" for success. They did not make their fortunes in high-tech or by winning a lottery. Instead, they followed a plan that created persistent, high levels of success or a lifetime.

Each of these skills can be learned by anyone! There are no "secrets" of success, and talent, family and luck had little to do with it. These highly successful people knew what they wanted, and used their networks, hard work, patience and discipline to achieve outstanding results. So can you!

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Everyday Tools for Extraordinary Success

Written by Philip E. Humbert

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3. An alarm clock. Benjamin Franklin observed that "early to bed, early to rise, makes a man (or woman) healthy, wealthy and wise". It's still true! I live and work with wealthy people, and when I walk my dog after 10:00 p.m., there are no lights on. But when we walk about 6:00 inrepparttar morning, everyone is up, andrepparttar 102114 cars are already heading forrepparttar 102115 office. Buy and use an alarm clock! Start early, work hard.

4. A list. Highly successful people plan their day. They make a list of their most important priorities. They chooserepparttar 102116 things that will make a major, long-term, difference, and they focus on them all day long. Last thing inrepparttar 102117 evening, or first thing inrepparttar 102118 morning, create a list and work from it during your day.

5. A compass. My most successful clients always have a symbol or a map, a picture or poster of their most important goals and they use it to guide them duringrepparttar 102119 day. They stay on course. If they get lost, they re- assess and get back on-track immediately. Have a "compass" that reminds you of your dreams, your goals, and your most daring desires. Stay on course!

There are no "secrets" of succes, but there are tools that make success and achievement much more likely. Userepparttar 102120 tools of highly successful people, and watch your own accomplishments soar!

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