The Seven Laws of the Universe

Written by Nancy R. Fenn

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4. The Law of Polarity. Everything has its opposite. This law helps us to understandrepparttar principles of yin and yang. Some energy attracts and some energy repels. One is not better thanrepparttar 122367 other but both exist. I like to think ofrepparttar 122368 astronomical world where one body can capture another by pulling it into its sphere of influence. This principle can be understood in life when we recognizerepparttar 122369 truth in this saying: If you want him to be more of a man, be more of a woman. 5. The Law of Rhythm. The pendulum swing manifests in everything. The measure ofrepparttar 122370 swing torepparttar 122371 left isrepparttar 122372 measure ofrepparttar 122373 swing torepparttar 122374 right. This law operates in life quite visibly with people who are bipolar. One day they're up,repparttar 122375 next they're down. For most people,repparttar 122376 law is realized when they become very, very happy. The law dictates that next they will be very, very sad. To correct this is simple: To avoid being very unhappy, avoid being very happy. 6. Cause and Effect: There are many planes of causation but nothing escapes this law. The best writing on this law, which isrepparttar 122377 law of Karma, is found in Emerson's Essay on Compensation. It is available for free download on many internet sites. 7. Gender: Gender manifests on all planes. This law works in our lives by helping us to see that each male has an inner female within him and each female has an inner male. Both are necessary for creation and regeneration. These Laws ofrepparttar 122378 Universe are meta-physical but they are as certain asrepparttar 122379 law of physics. What goes up must come down. You can be certain of it!

Nancy R. Fenn has been an astrologer and intuitive consultant in the San Diego for over 25 years. She enjoys working with creatives, intuitives and visionaries to help them discover their mission in life. Nancy's mission in life is to raise consciousness about introversion as a legitimate personality syle. Visit Nancy on the web at

10 Spiritual Principles I Learned from the Yard Guru

Written by Nancy R. Fenn

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6. If You Believe You Can Fly, You Can (Vision) Even today, 10 years after I started,repparttar casual visitor would not likely be impressed with my yard. It is still mostly in my head, you see -- my vision of what it will look like someday. I am visionary and I recommit to my vision every time I work inrepparttar 122366 yard. I look at my creation and I see that it is good.

I think ofrepparttar 122367 people who created Palm Desert,repparttar 122368 people who drove over those barren mountains down into a desert valley and hadrepparttar 122369 temerity to think, ďIf only I could get some water in here.Ē Or I think of Peterrepparttar 122370 Great, reclaiming St. Petersburg from a swamp. How I appreciate nowrepparttar 122371 hard work that must have taken. How convenient for autocratic Russian feudalism to provide thousands of people like me all day every day for many years to dorepparttar 122372 work.

Itísrepparttar 122373 vision which drivesrepparttar 122374 person who hasrepparttar 122375 vision. No one else will see it but you!

7. To Prevail, You Must Act I have developed my male side out here inrepparttar 122376 yard. I used to hear it said that to prevail you must act. I thought that was forrepparttar 122377 guys. However, in this natural environment, if I donít clear, Nature marches. There is no stopping this process. If I donít push back, Nature pushes forward. Itís a jungle out there.

So what Iíve learned is that in order to prevail, one must act. The wonderful thing about enlightenment isrepparttar 122378 holistic knowledge that if I do something in one area of my life, it will also be happening in another.

What I have learned is that it does indeed require action to prevail onrepparttar 122379 environment and I have begun to be far more pro-active in other areas of my life besidesrepparttar 122380 yard. I am pro-active with home repairs, meeting county regulations, potential disputes with neighbors, political representation, taxation and other things. I no longer stand still in my life, though I do always stand atrepparttar 122381 center of my life.

8. I Will Have Eternal Life As I work in my yard, I seerepparttar 122382 monkey grass I planted onrepparttar 122383 walkway, without much thought, andrepparttar 122384 crepe myrtle tree which is atrepparttar 122385 very center of my yard, young but doing well. Oddly, crepe myrtles are not very popular out here. In my crepe myrtle tree lives a jaybird. Jaybirds are not very popular anywhere, but I have always loved them. There was a jaybird in my grandmotherís front yard and a whole hedge of crepe myrtle bushes. They were her pride and glory. She also planted monkey grass alongrepparttar 122386 walkway.

I look down at my brown arms and bare brown feet, how muscular I have become, working out here underrepparttar 122387 invisible whip ofrepparttar 122388 Yard Guru. I know that my grandmother lives through me. I look like her now. I am small, muscular and brown, like her. And like her, I am a little overweight. Right now, I am atrepparttar 122389 age that I remember her best.

I work very hard, like my grandmother. I am spiritual like her. In another area ofrepparttar 122390 yard, I have a Viennese bird bath and some Alpine wildflowers. I got them after I returned from Vienna a few years ago. I understood now why my German grandmother and many other people in America createdrepparttar 122391 kinds of lives and gardens they did.

Now, at 58, I know why my grandmother did allrepparttar 122392 things she did and I allow her expression to pour through me out intorepparttar 122393 world and to infuse my spirit. Today I will go down to my daughterís yard and pull weeds. I will tear out some bamboo and weed whack. I want my daughter to see me working inrepparttar 122394 yard so I will live through her someday when she has a yard of her own. Through her and through everyone I have touched and influenced, I will have eternal life.

9.. To All Things There is a Season One thing about living in Southern California (I am not a native), you can really lose track of time. It is not unusual out here to not know what month it is. This is because every month isrepparttar 122395 same. We have what is called a temperate climate, so on average it is 65-70 degrees 365 days a year.

Having grown up in Chicago, I missedrepparttar 122396 rhythm ofrepparttar 122397 seasons til I began to work in my yard. Now I am in touch withrepparttar 122398 seasons again, but in a different way.

My year begins withrepparttar 122399 sudden growth of wild grasses in January. In February comerepparttar 122400 snails. In Marchrepparttar 122401 gophers. In Aprilrepparttar 122402 field mice. In May there arerepparttar 122403 big fat harmless bees outsiderepparttar 122404 front door. In June,repparttar 122405 grass goes dormant and looks horrible forrepparttar 122406 rest ofrepparttar 122407 year. In July, there is a smell inrepparttar 122408 air I think fromrepparttar 122409 stems ofrepparttar 122410 red geraniums drying up and as a result, sometimes I get allergies. Also at this timerepparttar 122411 crepe myrtle blooms. In August we begin to worry about water andrepparttar 122412 second round of notices fromrepparttar 122413 fire prevention people come out. In Septemberrepparttar 122414 water is rationed and some things die. October brings a certain slant torepparttar 122415 sun and relief torepparttar 122416 remaining plants and flowers. In November my fall shrubs bloom if they are going to. I rest in December because in January there will be a sudden growth of wild grasses and I will need to getrepparttar 122417 mower out again.

To all things there is a season. When I walk around my yard I wonder if I will live to seerepparttar 122418 jacaranda tree really take off orrepparttar 122419 shimmering alder reach full height. I also wonder aboutrepparttar 122420 Mother-in-Law tree inrepparttar 122421 front yard. And I wonder if I will ever have any grandchildren. I am very much at peace. I know that for my life, too, there will be a season.

10. What Goes Around Comes Around Sanctuary In my yard there are three statues. Well, nowadays they would be called ďyard artĒ. I have a face of Buddha,repparttar 122422 Tibetan kind, that is very big and very serene. It sits by a Baja California cactus that makes it look very small. Then there is an angel under my lemon tree and in a grove onrepparttar 122423 other side under a huge pepper tree isrepparttar 122424 Mother Mary.

I created these sacred areas and also turned my living room into a Great Hall when I returned fromrepparttar 122425 Benedictine Monastery in Santa Barbara. I was restored there and refreshed and I brought that feeling back with me into my yard.

It isrepparttar 122426 intent ofrepparttar 122427 Benedictine monks to provide a place of refuge, a sanctuary, and as I look around my yard, I see how much my stay there had meant to me. I am reminded that very small things in life can make a very big difference. When someone feels at peace in my yard, I rememberrepparttar 122428 peace I felt atrepparttar 122429 Monastery.

Nancy R. Fenn has been an astrologer and intuitive consultant in the San Diego for over 25 years. She enjoys working with creatives, intuitives and visionaries to help them discover their mission in life. Nancy's mission in life is to raise consciousness about introversion as a legitimate personality syle. Visit Nancy on the web at

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