The Seven Keys to Child Obedience

Written by Anthony Kane

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5-Make Moderate Demands

No one likes having demands placed upon him. Children are no different. Yet we are constantly commanding our children. We feel that as parents we must take steps to correct every misdemeanor that we see. Whenrepparttar orders become excessive or arbitraryrepparttar 143217 parent becomes more like a dictator that an educator. If you place a lot of obligations on your child, then your child is going to resent and resist your authority. One ofrepparttar 143218 most important steps in getting your child to listen to you is to reducerepparttar 143219 amount of demands that you place upon him. This will require you to stay calm and overlook a lot of childish behavior. Commands should be made thoughtfully and be within reasonable limits. The general rule is that if a certain behavior is not something your child will be doing as an adult and if it is not dangerous, then you should not make it a priority to correct.

6-Follow Through

Even if you do all that has been mentioned so far, you will still need to give your child orders. When you do so, you must be firm and make sure that your child obeys. If you give your child an instruction you must insist that he fulfill it. Often it will be easier or more convenient to just overlook disobedience. This isrepparttar 143220 end will erode your authority as a parent.

You should only make moderate and well thought out demands on your child. However, when you do make those orders your child must fulfill them. If we want our children to take our words seriously, then we must show them that we are serious.

7-Be Free with ‘Yes', but not with ‘No'

We must try to grant every reasonable request our children make of us. They should feel that we are giving to them freely and in overflowing abundance at all times. You should make it a rule to give your child whatever he wants unless you have a good reason not to do so.

In addition, we should try to temper our use of ‘no'. Try not to avoid saying ‘no' whenever possible. For example, if your child wants to have a treat before dinner and you want him to eat first, rather than say ‘no' or ‘not now' say, ‘yes, after dinner.' This small change inrepparttar 143221 way you userepparttar 143222 words ‘yes' and ‘no' will change your child's perception fromrepparttar 143223 feeling that most of his desires are being denied to that most of them are being granted.


It is natural for a child to want to obey his parents. It is also necessary for his proper growth and development. Applying these seven keys will help you to make it easier for your child to obey you. If you want to see how you are doing as a parent, see our Parenting Quiz at . If you want more information on ways that you can teach evenrepparttar 143224 most difficult child to obey you, please see our Child Behavior Program at

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Too Much TV For Your Toddler

Written by Cassandra Germsheid

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There are plenty of ways to reducerepparttar amount of TV your kids watch. There are also lots of things to do instead of being a couch potato.

One reason your child might be watching more TV is because they likerepparttar 143216 music. Instead of turning onrepparttar 143217 TV for them, put on a CD.

Don't eat in front ofrepparttar 143218 TV. Make mealtime a time for family to sit together and talk.

Try offering rewards to your toddler for not watching TV.

Distract your toddler with other things, like toys or puzzles. Don't leaverepparttar 143219 TV running inrepparttar 143220 background.

Go outside and let your child explore. Going for walks will introduce your toddler to new things, but letting them walk instead of staying inrepparttar 143221 stroller will also help increase their physical activity.

Reading books is a very important part of your toddler's life. It encourages and enhances their imagination. It's also fundamental for their language development.

Make sure you discuss your "TV rules" with family members and any other caregivers.

Here's another reason to turn offrepparttar 143222 TV. Not only will you have a more active toddler, you might improve your own relationship with your partner by interacting and communicating more. This is beneficial for both you andrepparttar 143223 kids by showing a good example.

You don't have to take your kid back torepparttar 143224 stone ages, but keeping their day filled with a variety of activities is important for their growth and development. They will thank you when they're older.

Cassandra Germsheid is the owner of Baby Tips Online ( She is a stay at home mother but sometimes works part time for her local newspaper.

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