The Seven Army Values - They’re not just for the military

Written by Joseph Yakel

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Selfless Service - Putrepparttar welfare ofrepparttar 139522 nation,repparttar 139523 Army, and your subordinates before your own. Selfless service leads to organizational teamwork and encompasses discipline, self-control and faith inrepparttar 139524 system.

Take care of your children, your parents, your siblings, and co-workers. Gorepparttar 139525 ‘extra mile’ for your customers and clients, even if gains you nothing more than some personal satisfaction. Volunteer to take onrepparttar 139526 tough job, orrepparttar 139527 mundane job that others avoid.

Honor - Live up to allrepparttar 139528 Army values.

Live up torepparttar 139529 values of your business, your community, your church, your family. Act accordingly, and others will recognize you as an individual of principled character. Don't fall intorepparttar 139530 trap of, "but I just did what others did before me". Givenrepparttar 139531 choice, takerepparttar 139532 'high road'. Distinguish yourself from those who would be satisfied to do less.

Integrity - Do what is right, legally and morally.

Ask yourself, “Is thisrepparttar 139533 right thing to do? How does it reflect on who I am?” If your inner voice is soundingrepparttar 139534 alarm, it’s doing so for a good reason. Avoid shortcuts, cheats, or otherwise doing less than what is expected. Don’t compromise yourself, your friends, family or business for some short-term satisfaction. Integrity offers long-term rewards that can't be acquired any other way.

Personal Courage - Face fear, danger, or adversity with physical and moral courage.

Is a boss asking you to do something questionable? Watchedrepparttar 139535 local bully pick on someone repeatedly? Been in a group that disparages a certain race or ethnicity? It may be safer to go along withrepparttar 139536 crowd, or do nothing at all. It takes inner strength to stand up to peer pressure, bullies, social challenges, and moral dilemmas. It’s easy to be a follower…anyone can do that. True leadership requires all of one’s audacity, nerve and 'guts' to negotiaterepparttar 139537 difficult roads that lie before us.

Loyalty, Duty, Respect, Selfless Service, Honor, Integrity, and Personal Courage. These are values for everyone. No, they're not always easy to live up. Our standards are challenged allrepparttar 139538 time. We make mistakes. Hopefully, we learn from them, and over time, these values become a part of who we are.

The best news is that if we emulate these values singularly, we become a better people collectively. And that is whyrepparttar 139539 values are so important. They set us apart from those who choose not to live up to them.

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Playing it Safe

Written by Lynn Cutts

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So what would happen if you stopped playing it safe, just for a little while? How would your creativity blossom and grow? In our art, at least, we can explore with safety. We can stretch ourselves beyond what we thought we could do. These are just paint smears on canvas, or electrons on a screen, or a series of moves set to music. We can paint over it or deleterepparttar file or changerepparttar 139384 steps if we get too scared.

I challenge you to use your art, your creativity, whatever your outlet, to deepen your knowledge of yourself. This next month, start noticing where you play it safe in your art. Notice where you back off, instead of pushing forward, where you tiptoe timidly instead of striding forth boldly. Notice what you approach with caution, rather than with curiosity and adventure.

Then throw that caution torepparttar 139385 winds, and take that risk! See how much richer your art becomes.

And – your life.

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