The Separation of God and State

Written by Ed Howes

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Byrepparttar time I had started school,repparttar 125489 extended family had been replaced byrepparttar 125490 nuclear family we later saw on TV. Divide and conquer. Byrepparttar 125491 end ofrepparttar 125492 Century,repparttar 125493 nuclear family had been further divided into single and zero parent families, also seen on TV. Of course, there is no such thing as conspiracy so all these things are only coincidental. Just askrepparttar 125494 conspirators.

Today, an Alabama judge decides he wants a monument torepparttar 125495 Ten Commandments inrepparttar 125496 state courthouse in which he works; and a Federal court says that since Congress can make no law respectingrepparttar 125497 establishment of a religion or prohibitingrepparttar 125498 FREE practice thereof, an Alabama judge cannot pay tribute to a long established code of law. This would certainly please those conventioners who would not have dared to write this new court written law intorepparttar 125499 original document. The new law is properly written; "No government employee will honor any law but those created by governments." The separation of God and state begun so long ago by elitists in Philadelphia is quite nearly complete.

The so called barrier between church and state, which has never existed in Constitutional law, was removed inrepparttar 125500 nineteen eighties whenrepparttar 125501 United States Government offered tax exempt status to any church that would become a 501C3 corporation, which most did, as far as I know. Every church that signed up and accepted a privilege in place of a natural right became a creature ofrepparttar 125502 state byrepparttar 125503 foolish act of contracting with it to avoid state harassment. This would be unconstitutional exceptrepparttar 125504 Constitution precludes no one's right to contract.

If we had studiedrepparttar 125505 writings of John Locke in government schools, we would know that no one can legally contract for their children. A contract can only apply torepparttar 125506 contracting parties. The U.S. Constitution is such a contract. It was binding onrepparttar 125507 state governments that ratified it and not on any individual born after its ratification. It only has such power over you and me to which we consent. Of course we will be punished if we do not consent; as thirteen Southern states were, some hundred and forty years ago. After all, political union is more important than allrepparttar 125508 individual persons in it and no one is free to reject it inrepparttar 125509 land ofrepparttar 125510 free.

Because we are now a nation of government contracted churches, there is nothing illegal about faith based initiatives. The government can give or take money from any 501C3 church. We can be sure it will do both and separation of church and state is just a joke we use to selectively punishrepparttar 125511 politically incorrect.

Few realize it, butrepparttar 125512 separation of God and state, along withrepparttar 125513 destruction of extended family, has made America so totally vulnerable to calamities not yet experienced, it takes little effort to sell Homeland Security torepparttar 125514 people; whose currency says "In God We Trust". We all know in our hearts we no longer can trust in God any more than God can trust in us. Let us continue to worshiprepparttar 125515 Federal Government and they will provide our daily bread and prescription drugs, forgive us, test us, protect us and deliver us from evil. Just as long as we do as we are told for we at least, are not above their law. Or maybe we are - high above it.

Freelance writer published on many websites and in newspapers.

Music Reviews - Bard Of Ely

Written by Ken Mowery

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What has influenced your musicrepparttar most?

All those acts I have mentioned above, along with many more modern ones and genres of music likerepparttar 125488 Blues, Soul, R&B, Folk, Rock 'n' Roll, Jazz, Experimental and anything else that I've spent time listening too. My inspiration for songs though is very varied and just reflects my life I think.

Music And Internet Marketing

How hasrepparttar 125489 Internet effected you as a musician? In a big way: I used to be heavily involved in music networking viarepparttar 125490 snail mail with allrepparttar 125491 fanzines and small press andrepparttar 125492 casssette culture which gave way to CDs, but I seem to have phased most of that out becauserepparttar 125493 Internet is a lot easier, cheaper and faster to use. Also, I have made very many good friends, whom I have met via OMDs and at bbs, and discovered so much excellent music. As well as these things it has given me a means of collaborating with people all overrepparttar 125494 world. When did you start marketing your music onrepparttar 125495 Internet?

In about 1997 when I first began to understand IT and to have access to computers.

What has beenrepparttar 125496 most effective way to market your music onrepparttar 125497 Internet?

Via OMDs and Bulletin Boards. My favorite OMD was and I haven't seen any other site which has offered so much. The stations it gave actsrepparttar 125498 option of creating was a great way to promote your music and that of other acts you enjoyed, as well as finding new music.

Musicians And The Future

What doesrepparttar 125499 future hold for you?

More collaborations, more festivals...but as to where my music will take me I really don't know! I have just written my first song in Spanish and am learningrepparttar 125500 language, so who knows where my path will lead?

Finally, is there anything else you want to say about yourself? I prefer to hear what others think of me and my work so I'll let my good friends Laura J Bollé and Chris Kalessin have their say: Words can barely describerepparttar 125501 amazing, multi-talented, multi-faceted and multi-media phenomenon that isrepparttar 125502 Bard of Ely!!! Part eco-warrior, poet, Arthurian Druid, master of herblore, techno-folk fusion pioneer, MC, songwriter, singer, actor, writer and performer,repparttar 125503 Bard has assumed cult status and is featured in many counter-culture books and articles ... a genuinely iconic figure!

His solo work, many collaborations (most recently with Funender stalwart Ed Drury) and remixes represent a wonderfully eclectic body of writing and performance, work that that does justice torepparttar 125504 traditions of acoustic music, yet with modernity, political relevance, and some great melodies! :)

And something else that distinguishes this talented artist is his enthusiastic and positive support for music and musicians, and his friendly, universally-respected presence acrossrepparttar 125505 online music community. We are proud to know him and highly recommend his music to all - Steve,repparttar 125506 Bard of Ely!!!

Check him out TODAY!!!

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Ken is a pastor, writer, musician living in Greeley Colorado. His articles have been published in a number of magazines, ezines and websites including his own

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