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Written by Chris Ellington

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If youíre familiar withrepparttar general state ofrepparttar 137039 economy, you have a general understanding of my macro problems, or at leastrepparttar 137040 general problems facing every CEO. If you look atrepparttar 137041 industry Iím in, you understand at a high levelrepparttar 137042 sort of problems I am likely to be up against. If you are an expert on your solution, you have an understanding of who might be struggling. What makes you think itís me?

Iím sorry, I just don't have any interest in educating every salesperson on my issues, I'm too busy dealing with my issues.

With just a teensy bit of research ahead of time, any good salesperson would call me and say "Chris, I know you publishrepparttar 137043 Marketing Strategies Newsletter. Can we get together to talk about some writing software that works atrepparttar 137044 speed of thought, makes no spelling errors, and always produces top quality results?"

I'd have that salesperson in my office immediately!

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Written by Thom Reece

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3.Be Clear. Be Logical. Be Brief. Donít be brief atrepparttar expense of being misunderstood. Clarity starts with you. Clear answers to your prospects overriding question... What can you do for me?...will lead to understanding and sales.

4.Maintain Control. Never sit between two buyers. Donít letrepparttar 136772 prospect read ahead or thumb through your visual aids until youíre ready for him to. Askrepparttar 136773 prospect to instruct his secretary to hold all calls during your presentation. (It takes guts to sell.)

5.Seek Change of Pace. Put bounce in your voice. Change pace, tempo, and volume. Ask lots of questions. Get verbal confirmation of agreement at each stage ofrepparttar 136774 presentation.

6.Prepare For Interruptions. Donít be flustered or thrown off balance. Expect interruptions and use them to summarize key sales points.

7.Involve The Prospect. Giverepparttar 136775 prospect something to feel, handle, manipulate, examine. Letrepparttar 136776 prospect mentally take possession of your product or service.

8.Gauge Your Progress. Progress should be measured in terms of understanding. No sale. The morerepparttar 136777 prospect agrees with you,repparttar 136778 more progress you are making.

9.Give A Complete Sales Talk Every Time. Your presentation must perform four important functions: (A) Winrepparttar 136779 prospects attention, (B) hold his interest, (C) persuade and convince him ofrepparttar 136780 rightness of your proposition, and (D) prove that a buying decision is a logical step for him to take.

10.Seek A Buying Action...Expect To Close. A good presentation naturally leads to a buying decision. Make it easy forrepparttar 136781 customer to buy. If your prospect was properly qualified and your sales presentation on target, you will findrepparttar 136782 selling process goes quickly and easily.

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